If is a point and is a quadrilateral and , show that is a parallelogram.

Updated On: 16-5-2020

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We can draw a diagram with the given details.<br> Please refer to video to see the diagram.<br> It is given that,<br>


<br> Now, in



<br> Now, in


<br> From (1),(2) and (3),<br>

<br> It implies that

is a parallelogram.<br>

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If `P`
is a point
  and `A B C D`
is a
  quadrilateral and ` vec A P+ vec P B+ vec P D= vec P C`
, show that `A B C D`
is a
Distance of the point from the line is a. b. c. d. none of these
Solve the following equation for the vector where are non zero non coplanar vectors and is neither perpendicular to non to hence show that is perpendicular .
Let be vectors forming right-hand traid. Let If then b. has least value c. d. none of these
If and , then show that is parallel to , where and
If are the position vectors of the vertices of a cyclic quadrilateral prove that
In a trapezium, vector We will then find that is collinear with If then which of the following is true? a. b. c. d.
If denote vector , respectively, show that is parallel to is parallel is parallel to
If and show that is parallel to where and
If is a point and is a quadrilateral and , show that is a parallelogram.
Prove that
are three coplanar unit vectors such that If three vectors are parallel to respectively, and have integral but different magnitudes, then among the following options, can take a value equal to a. b. c. d.
If are three non collinear points, then for any point in the plane of the , prove that ;
Given that are four vectors such that is a scalar. Then is equal to a. b. c. d.
Let be the position vectors of the four distinct points If then show that is parallelogram.
, , , are the position vectors of the four distinct points A, B, C, D respectively. If , then show that ABCD is a parallelogram.

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