If m is a real number such that `m^2 + 1 = 3m`, the value of `(2m^5-5 m^4+2 m^3-8m^2)/(1+m^2)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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If two lines <br> `(x-2m)/(2m+5)=(y)/(8m)=(z-4)/(2)` <br> and `(x-m)/(m-2)=(y)/(-1)=(z-2m)/(1-3m)` <br> are parallel for some `m inR`, then distance between them is: M के उन पूर्णक मानो की संख्या जिनके लिए समीकरण `(1+m^(2)) x^(2) -2(1+3m)x + (1+8m)=0` के कोई भी वास्तविक मूल नही है। m के उन पूर्णांक मानो की संख्या, जिनके लिए समीकरण `(1+m^(2)) x^(2) -2 (1 +3m) x + (1 + 8m) = 0` के कोई भी वास्तविक मूल नहीं है, है If `m+ (1)/(m-2)=0`, find <br> `m^(5) + m^(4) + m^(3) + m^(2)+ m+1`= ? If `(1+m^(2))x^(2)-2(1+3m) x + (1 + 8m) = 0`. Then numbers of values (s) of m for which this equation has no solution If `m >1,n in N` show that `1^m+2^m+2^(2m)+2^(3m)+...+2^(n m-m)> n^(1-m)(2^n-1)^m` `(2m^2-3m+10)-:(m-5)` Simplify `(3m^(2))/(m)+(2m^(4))/(m^(3))` ভাগ করো : `(m^4-2m^3-7m^2+8m+12)` কে `(m^2-m-6)` দিয়ে | ভাগ করো : `(m^4-2m^3-7m^2+8m+12)` কে `(m^2-m-6)` দিয়ে | ভাগফল ও ভাগশেষ নির্ণয় করো:`(m^4-2m^3-7m^2+8m+12) div (m^2-m-6)` Let's divide:- <br> `(m^4 - 2m^3 - 7m^2 + 8m + 12) by (m^2 - m - 6)` If `m >1,n in N` show that `1^m+2^m+2^(2m)+2^(3m)++2^(n m-m)> n^(1-m)(2^n-1)^mdot` If `m >1,n in N` show that `1^m+2^m+2^(2m)+2^(3m)++2^(n m-m)> n^(1-m)(2^n-1)^mdot` If `m >1,n in N` show that `1^m+2^m+2^(2m)+2^(3m)+....+2^(n m-m)> n^(1-m)(2^n-1)^mdot`

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