If `lim_(xrarroo) xlog_(e)(|(alpha//x,1,gamma),(0,1//x,beta),(1,0,1//x)|)=-5.` then where `alpha,beta,gamma` are finite real numbers, then a) `alpha=2,beta=1,gamma` in `R` b) `alpha=2,beta=2,gamma=5` c) `alpha` in `R` ,`beta=1`,`gamma` in `R` d) `alpha` in `R` ,`beta=1,gamma=5`

Updated On: 16-10-2021

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rArr underset(xrarr0)(lim)(a(1+x+(x^(2))/(2)+...)+b(1-(x^(2))/(2)...)+c(1-x+(x^(2))/(2)))/(x^(2)).((x)/(e^(x)-1))^(2)=4

rArr" "a+b+c=0, a-c=0 rArr a=c

rArr" "(a-b+c)/(c)=4

rArr" "a-b+c=8 rArr 2b = -8 rArr b=-4

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If `underset(xrarroo)(lim)xlog_(e)(|(alpha//x,1,gamma),(0,1//x,beta),(1,0,1//x)|)=-5.` where `alpha, beta, gamma` are finite real numbers, then If `alpha, beta , gamma` are the zeros of the polynomial `x^(3) - px^(2) + qx - r` then `1/(alpha beta) + 1/(beta gamma) + 1/(gamma alpha)` = If `alpha, beta, gamma` are roots of `x^(3) - px^(2) + qx - r = 0 ` then `(alpha + beta)^(-1) + (beta + gamma)^(-1) + (gamma + alpha)^(-1)` = If `(lim)_(xvecoo)x log_e(|alpha/x1gamma0 1/xbeta1 0 1/x|)=-5,w h e r ealpha,beta,gamma` are finite real numbers, then `alpha=2,beta=1,gamma in R` b. `alpha=2,beta=2,gamma=5` c. `alpha in R ,beta=1,gamma in R` d. `alpha in R ,beta=1,gamma=5` Using properties of determinants in Exercises prove that : <br> `{:[( alpha , alpha ^(2) , beta +gamma ),( beta , beta ^(2) , gamma +alpha ),( gamma , gamma ^(2) ,alpha +beta ) ]:} =(beta -gamma ) (gamma -alpha ) (alpha -beta ) (alpha +beta +gamma ) ` ????? ??? ?? <br> `|{:(alpha,beta,gamma),(alpha^(2),beta^(2),gamma^(2)),(beta+alpha,gamma+alpha,alpha+beta):}|=(beta-gamma)(gamma-alpha)(alpha-beta)(alpha+beta+gamma)`. Prove that: `|alphabetagammaalpha^2beta^2gamma^2beta+gammagamma+alphaalpha+beta|=(alpha-beta)(beta-gamma)(gamma-alpha)(alpha+beta+gamma)` . Prove that, `|{:(alpha,beta,gamma),(alpha^2,beta^2,gamma^2),(beta+gamma,gamma+alpha,alpha+beta):}|=(alpha-beta)(beta-gamma)(gamma-alpha)(alpha+beta+gamma)` Prove that `|[alpha,beta,gamma] ,[alpha^2,beta^2,gamma^2] , [beta+gamma, gamma+alpha, beta+alpha]|` = `(alpha-beta)(beta-gamma)(gamma-alpha)(alpha+beta+gamma)` Using properties of determinants, prove that <br>`|[alpha, alpha^2, beta+gamma],[beta,beta^2,gamma+alpha],[gamma,gamma^2,alpha+beta]|=(beta-gamma)(gamma-alpha)(alpha-beta)(alpha+beta+gamma)` ਡਿਟਰਮੀਨੈਂਟ ਦੀਆਂ ਵਿਸ਼ੇਸ਼ਤਾਵਾਂ ਦਾ ਪ੍ਰਯੋਗ ਕਰਕੇ ਸਿੱਧ ਕਰੋ ਕਿ : `|[alpha,alpha^2,beta+gamma],[beta,beta^2,gamma+alpha],[gamma,gamma^2,alpha+beta]| = (beta-gamma)(gamma-alpha)(alpha-beta)(alpha+beta+gamma)` Using properties of determinants. Prove that`|(alpha,alpha^2,beta+gamma),(beta,beta^2,gamma+alpha),(gamma,gamma^2,alpha+beta)|=(beta-gamma)(gamma-alpha)(alpha-beta)(alpha+beta+gamma)` Prove that: `|[alpha,beta,gamma],[alpha^2,beta^2,gamma^2],[beta+gamma,gamma+alpha,alpha+beta]|=(alpha-beta)(beta-gamma)(gamma-alpha)(alpha+beta+gamma)` . প্রমাণ করো যে, `abs[[alpha,beta,gamma],[alpha^2,beta^2,gamma^2],[beta+gamma,gamma+alpha,alpha+beta]]=(alpha-beta)(beta-gamma)(gamma-alpha)(alpha+beta+gamma)` Using properties of determinants, prove that: `|[alpha,alpha^2,beta+gamma],[beta,beta^2,gamma+alpha],[gamma,gamma^2,alpha+beta]| = (beta-gamma)(gamma-alpha)(alpha-beta)(alpha+beta+gamma)`

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