If `l ,\ m ,\ n` are scalars and ` vec a ,\ vec b ,\ vec c` are vectors, prove that `|l vec a+m vec b+n vec c|^2=l^2| vec a|^2+m^2| vec b|^2+n^2 | vec c|^2+2\ {l m( vec a . vec b)+m n( vec b . vec c)+n l( vec c . vec a)}` . Also deduce that `|l vec a+m vec b+n vec c|^2=l^2 |vec a|^2+m^2| vec b|^2+n^2| vec c|^2if\ vec a ,\ vec b ,\ vec c` are mutually perpendicular vectors.

Updated On: 30-4-2020

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If are scalars and are vectors, prove that . Also deduce that are mutually perpendicular vectors.
If the vectors are non-coplanar and l,m,n are distinct real numbers, then [( )] = 0, implies (A) lm+mn+nl = 0 (B) l+m+n = 0 (C)
If the vectors are non-coplanar and l,m,n are distinct real numbers, then [( )] = 0, implies (A) lm+mn+nl = 0 (B) l+m+n = 0 (C)
If and then is equal to
यदि सदिश के लम्बवत है, जहाँ तथा हो, तो का मान ज्ञात कीजिए |
Let be a vector perpendicular to , where [ ]=2 if then is equal to
Prove that .
If The scalar m is<br> <br> <br> <br>
Prove that if are three non-coplanar vectors, then .
If and are two non-zero vectors such that and then the angle between and is such that (where m and n are positive integers and lowest form) then find
is a parallelogram. If are the mid-points of respectively, then express in terms of . Also, prove that
is a parallelogram. If and are the mid-points of and respectively, then express and in terms of and . Also, prove that
If non-zero vectors are equally inclined to coplanar vector can be a. b. c. d.
If are three mutually perpendicular vectors, then the vector which is equally inclined to these vectors is a. b. c. d.
दो अदिश इस प्रकार है कि , जहाँ तथा दिए गए सदिश हैं, बराबर है

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