If f(x)`=int_(0)^(x) {f(t)}^(-1)dt, " and " int_(0)^(1) {f(t}^(-1)dt=sqrt(2)`, then f(x)=

Updated On: 22-2-2020

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sqrt(2 log_(e )x)




none of these




We have, <br> f(f)

=overset(x)underset(0)int {f(t)}^(-1)dt


rArr f'(x)={f(t)}^(-1)


rArr f'(x)f(x)=1


rArr 2f(x)f'(x)=2 rArr{f(x)}^(2)=2x+C rArrf(x)=sqrt(2x+C)

b <br> Now, <br>

f(1)=sqrt(2)rArr sqrt(2)=sqrt(2+C) rArr C=0


:. F(x)=sqrt(x)

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