If f(x)=m a xi mu m{x^3, x^2,1/(64)}AAx in [0,oo),t h e n f(x)={x^2,0lt=xlt=1x^3,x >0 f(x)={1/(64),0lt=xlt=1/4x^2,1/4<xlt=1x^3,x >1 f(x)={1/(64),0lt=xlt=1/8x^2,1/8<xlt=1x^3,x >1 f(x)={1/(64),0lt=xlt=1/8x^3,x >1/8

Updated On: 8-6-2020

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If . Show that is continuous at .
If `f(x)={(x^2)/2\ \ \ ,\ \ \ \ if\ 0lt=xlt=1 2x^2-3x+3/2\ \ \ ,\ \ \ if\ 1<xlt=2`
. Show that `f`
is continuous at `x=1`
If satifies then (a) (b). (c). (d). None of these
Let =M a xi mu m where Determine the area of the region bounded by the curves ,x-axis ,x=0, x=1.
Evaluate the following integral:
The points of discontinuity of the function
If and be defined by for . Then is b. c. d.
If is an even function in R then the definition of in is: (A) (B) (C) (D)
If find (i) (ii) (iii)
Discuss the continuity of the function at , where
Consider function where fractional part function of . Statement-1: Rolles Theorem is not applicable to in Statement-2:
Find all points of discontinuity of f, where f is defined by
The maximum value of is (A) (B) (C) 1 (D) 0
The relation f is defined by The relating g is defined by Show that f is a function and g is not a function.
Consider the function
Evaluate the following integral:

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