If `f(x)=lim_(n to oo)(x^(2n)-1)/(x^(2n)+1)` then range of `f(x)` is

Updated On: 2-1-2020

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`f(x)=(lim)_(n->oo)(cospix-x^(2n)"sin"(x-1))/(1+x^(2n+1)-x^(2n))` , find `(lim)_(x->1)f(x)dot` Discuss the continuity of `f(x)=(lim)_(nvecoo)(x^(2n)-1)/(x^(2n)+1)` let `f(x)=lim_(n->oo) (x^(2n)-1)/(x^(2n)+1)` The function `f(x) = lim_(n->oo) `(x^(2n)-1)/(x^(2n)+1)` is identical with the function The function `f(x) = Lim_(n->oo)(x^(2n)-1)/(x^(2n)+1) , n in N`,is identical with the function If `f (x) =lim_(n->oo)(x^(2n)-1)/(x^(2n)+1),x in R` ,the the points where f (x) is not continuous are Let `f(x)=lim_(n->oo)(log(2+x)-x^(2n)sinx)/(1+x^(2n))`. then `f(x)=Lim_(x->oo)(x^(2n)-1)/(x^(2n)+1)` Let f be a function defined on R by `f(x)=lim_(n to oo) (log (3+x)-x^(2n) sinx)/(1+x^(2n))` then फलन `f(x)= lim_(n to oo) ((x-2)^(2n) -1)/((x-2)^(2n)+1) (AA n in N)` निम्न पर असतत है Let `f(x)=(lim)_(n->oo)(2x^(2n)sin1/x+x)/(1+x^(2n))\ ` then find `:\ (lim)_(x->-oo)f(x)` Let `f(x)=lim_(n rarr oo)(2x^(2n)sin\ 1/x+x)/(1+x^(2n))` then find (a) `lim_(x rarr oo) x f(x)` (b) `lim_(x rarr 1) f(x)` Let `f(x)= lim_(n->oo)(sinx)^(2n)` If `phi(x)=lim_(n->oo)(x^(2n)(f(x)+g(x)))/(1+x^(2n))` then which of the following is correct Let `f(x)=lim_(n->oo)(log(2+x)-x^(2n)sinx)/(1+x^(2n))`. then

Very Important Questions

FAQs on Default

What is function ?

Examples :- If

x,y in {1;2;3;4}

;then which of the following are function in the given set ?

(a) f_1={(x;y):y=(x+1)} (b) f_2={(x;y):x+y>4} (c) f_3={(x,y):y

Definition and arrow diagram

Description of function

Domain codomain and range of function

Find domain and range of function Let

A={-2,-1,0,1,2} and f:A->Z

be given by


(a)find the range of f (b) find preimages of 6;-3 and 5

Explain Equal function with some example .

Explain Real valued function with some examples.

Find Domain and Range of real functions (1)






Explain Constant function with graph

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