If `f(x)=int_0^x{f(t)}^(- 1)dt and int_0^1{f(t)}^(- 1)=sqrt(2),` then

Updated On: 5-5-2021

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f(x)=sqrt(2log _(e) x)


f(x)= sqrt(3x-1)


None of these




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00:00 - 00:59 lacosta nearest if function of map of fact because through integration of 0 to add function of map of inverse DFT and 021 integration of cot inverse is equals to root 2 then which when you will be possible here are the dumb example to hear that causes in a function is given that half of b is equal to a f t invert the year in the following we will have we will put the limit over 02135 function of a property that will be equal to 2 am mentioned in the question and we can stay function of AP of the will be caused by a group to buy it ok so from this particular function we have the value integration that is 1021
01:00 - 01:59 1 by root 2021 1 by root 2 DT per Roti that is equal to 1 by root 2 the power 1 by 2 upon 1 by 2021 it will be equal to 1 by root 2 knowledge in here we will put the upper limit limit of it will come to X solving it we will have we can write route to as it will become root 2 root 2 is the function of ear effect will be equal to root 2 of of train number is the correct answer for the cost

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If `int_0^(x) f(t) dt = x+ int_x^(1) t f(t) dt`, then f(1) =` `f(x)=int_0^x f(t) dt=x+int_x^1 tf(t)dt,` then the value of `f(1)` is If `f(x)=x+int_0^1 t(x+t) f(t)dt,` then find the value of the definite integral `int_0^1 f(x)dx.` Let f be a non-negative function defined on the interval .[0,1].If `int_0^x sqrt[1-(f'(t))^2].dt`=`int_0^x f(t).dt`, `0<=x<=1` and f(0)=0,then `int_0^x f(t)dt=x+int_x^1 tf(t)dt` হলে f(1) এর মান নির্ণয় করো। If `int_0^x f(t) dt = x + int_x^l tf (t) dt`, then the value of `f(1)` is : Let `f(x)=int_0^xe^t(t-1)(t-2)dt`, Then f decreases in the interval Let `g(x)=int_0^x f(t).dt`,where f is such that `1/2<=f(t)<=1` for `t in [0,1]` and `0<=f(t)<=1/2` for `t in [1,2]`.Then g(2) satisfies the inequality Let `g(x)=int_0^x f(t).dt`,where f is such that `1/2<=f(t)<=1` for `t in [0,1]` and `0<=f(t)<=1/2` for `t in [1,2]`.Then g(2) satisfies the inequality If `int_0^x f(t)dt=x+int_x^1 t f(t)dt`, then `f(1)=` (A) `1/2` (B) `0` (C) `1` (D) `-1/2` For `x in 0,(5pi/(2)),` define `f(x) = int_0^x sqrt(t) sin t dt`. Then f has : Let `f(x)` be a differentiable function such that `f(x)=x^2 +int_0^x e^-t f(x-t) dt` then `int_0^1 f(x) dx=` `f(x) = int_0^x t (t -1) (t - 2)dt` takes on its minimum values of x = The function `f(x) =int_0^xsqrt(1-t^4)`dt is such that যদি f(t) একটি অযুগ্ম অপেক্ষক হয়, তবে `int_0^x f(t)dt` হবে—

Very Important Questions

FAQs on Definite Integral

Fundamental Theorem of Definite Integration

int_a ^b f(x) dx = phi(b) - phi(a)


int_2 ^4 x / (x^2 + 1) dx

Definite integration by substitution


int_0 ^1 sin^-1 ((2x )/ (1 + x^2)) dx

Property 1: Integration is independent of the change of variable.

int_a ^b f(x) dx = int_a ^b f(t) dt

Property 2: If the limits of a definite integral are interchanged then its value changes.

int_a ^b f(x) dx = - int_b ^a f(x) dx

Property 3:

int_a ^b f(x) dx = int_a ^c f(x)dx + int_c ^b f(x) dx

Property 4: If


is a continuous function on



int_a ^b f(x) dx = int_a ^b f(a+b-x) dx

Property 5: If


is a continuous function defined on



int_0 ^a f(x) dx = int_0^a f(a-x) dx

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