If f(x)= maximum {x^3,x^2,1/64} AA x in[0,oo) then

Updated On: 11-10-2020

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if for all
A function f(x) having the following properties, <br> (i) f(x) is continuous except at x=3 <br> (ii) f(x) is differentiable except at x=-2 and x=3 <br> (iii) <br> (iv) <br> (v) <br> Then answer the following questions <br> Find the Maximum possible number of solutions of
If then equals:
If a function satisfies the relation then <br> The value of is
If then find
If and , , then find .
If then has common root has common root sum of roots of is none of these
If Then the equation has
If .Then the sum of global maximum and global minimum of is
If f(x) is a differentiable real valued function satisfying then is
Let then
If then
If then (a)increase in (b)decrease in (c)neither increases nor decreases in (d)increase in

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