If f(x) = {{:(e ^(x),,"," 0 le x lt 1 ,, ""), (2- e^(x - 1),,"," 1 lt x le 2,, and g(x) = int_(0)^(x) f(t ) dt","),( x- e,,"," 2lt x le 3 ,, ""):} <br> x in [ 1, 3 ] , then

Updated On: 4-12-2020

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has local maximum at

and local minima at


has local maxima at

and local minima at


has no local minima


has no local maxima




Given, <br>

<br> and


<br> Put

. <br> Also,

<br> At

, <br>

has a local maximum. <br> Also, at

, <br>

has a local, minima. <br>

is discontinuous at

, then we get local maxima at

and local minima at

. <br> Hence (a) and (b) are correct answers.

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<br> then which one of the following is incorrect ?
If and , then g(x) equal
Let where <br> where <br> and <br> and let <br> For is
Let , where ,where and and let for the range of is
Let g(x)= Then
Let <br> and <br> is not defined if
Let f(x)=
Check the computability of the function f <br>
Let be defined on and be given by <br> . <br> Then find .
If where [.] denotes the greatest integer function, then
If then,
Check the continuity of
at .
at .
A function f(x) is defined in the interval [1,4) as follows . Then, the curve y=f(x)

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