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Question From class 12 Chapter FUNCTION

If are onto functions show that is an onto function.

Solution :

Let there is an element such that .<br> Since is onto, we can find an element where such that .<br> But is onto, so we can also find an element where such that <br> Thus, , and so is onto.<br>

If functions and satisfy then show that is one-one and g is onto.
Let and be two functions. Then; (i)if is onto then g is onto; (ii)if is one one then is one-one and (iii)if is onto and is one one then is onto (iv) if is one one and is onto then is one one.
Given examples of two functions such that g o f is onto but f is not onto. (Hint: Consider ) .
Are f and g both necessarily onto, if is onto?
Show that if and are onto, then is also onto.
Let be any function. Also is defined by for all Then is a. Onto if is onto b. One-one if is one-one c. Continuous if is continuous d. None of these
Let be one-one and onto function given by , and . Show that there exists a function such that and
If are one-one functions, show that is one-one function.
Show that an onto function is always one-one.
show that the function f on onto itself defined by <br> is one-one and onto. Hence find
Statement I: is one - one and is a one - one function, then is one - one Statement II : If are two functions such that , then Statement III : then
Onto function (Surjective function) and Into functions
The function , defined by , is (a) one-one and onto (b) onto but not one-one (c) one-one but not onto (d) neither one-one nor onto
The function given by is (a) one-one and onto (b) one-one but not onto (c) onto but not one-one (d) neither one-one nor onto
If function f(x) is defined from set A to B, such that and . Then find the number of one-one functions and number of onto functions that can be formed.

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