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If `A_r=|(1,r,2^r),(2,n,n^2),(n,(n(n+1))/2 ,2^(n+1))|` , then the value of `sum_(r=1)^n A_r` is `n` (b) `2n` (c) `-2n` (d) `n^2`

Updated On: 11-4-2021

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Time Transcript
00:00 - 00:59 the question is that it was to determine one hour to 12 hour to an end square and 2 and + 1 by 2 2015 then the value of commission varies from Hajipur to an hour is so we have given that determinant we argue that PR is equal to determine and one hour to hour and hear your to uninstall heavier and and 2 and + 1 divided by 2 power n + 1 or 2 find summation of ER so where are very someone who can attest that is summation of one that is summation of our and heavy connector summation of tooth powder heavy can I touch submission of to hear and and and Square have you can an end to end plus one there but two and heavier Tuticorin plus one now from here we can tell
01:00 - 01:59 the mission of one when it will happen equal to 1 and 2 and it is and and summation of heart with our values from 1 to n and we can write as it is 1 + 2 + 3 3rd sum of natural numbers 1 2 and 3 characters it is an into n + 1 by 2 and submission of our values from 12 and 2 to the power 10 to the power 1 + 2 ^ 2 + 2 ^ 3 then and now we can I did us this is the sum of GP and the formula of sum of GP is sum of GP Darji caste in 2 and -1 -1 then I'll tell that is we will be too and are that is common ratio will be 2
02:00 - 02:59 and minus 1 divided by heavy accommodations to -1 so cricket the value that is equal to 2 into 2 and -1 aur week and it is 2 and + 1 - of 2 and now we have summation of two equal to 2 and now we can put these values in the place of submission of confirmation of assumption 2017 of summation where is 12 and R is equal to Harry UN estimation of hardness and into n + 1 / 2 submission of our being connected to tower and + 1 - of 2 and next time we'll be summation of two wheel B 21 area and Square next time we'll be
03:00 - 03:59 characters and into heavier and heavier and into n + 1 divided by 2 and heavy hangout next time we'll be 2 to the power n + 1 so we can apply operations on 1st and 2nd row on first and third row showing address are equal to 1 minus of Aarti so we cal test summation varies from Oracle to N = 20 heavy again 0 and heavy can writers - of 2 and here here to an an an an into a + 1 / 2 and here we have 2 to the power n + 1 and now we can open this determinants of cost of Sony get the value 0 + 20 + - of tools and software to run into any 10 + 1 by root
04:00 - 04:59 and square and 2 and + 1 - of any square Supreme heavy can I tell the value of so this is the value of 2 10th of so N Cube and specific cancel of the remaining N Cube and it is equal to minus of 2 and cube Swaraj Israel will be equal to minus of Two and cube so we can write detail now we get the value and into enter any 10 + 1 option Sohail your mines of 2 and Q2 and Q3 is correct
If `A_r=|(1,r,2^r),(2,n,n^2),(n,(n(n+1))/2 ,2^(n+1))|` , then the value of `sum_(r=1)^n A_r` is `n` (b) `2n` (c) `-2n` (d) `n^2`
If `A_r=|[1,r,2^r],[2,n,n^2],[n,(n(n+1))/2, 2^(n+1)]|,` the value of `sum_(r=1)^n A_r` is (A) `n` (B) `2n` (C) `-2n` (D) `n^2`
IF `1/(x(x+1)(x+2)....(x+n))=sum_(r=0)^n A_r/(x+r)` then `A_r` =
If `a_r` is the coefficient of `x^r` in the expansion of `(1-2x+3x^2)^n` then `sum_(r=0)^(2n) r a_r =`
If `(1+2x+x^2)^n=sum_(r=0)^(2n)a_r x^r` ,then `a_r ` is a.`(.^nC_2)^2` b. `.^n C_r .^n C_(r+1)` c. `.^(2n) C_r` d. `.^(2n) C_(r+1)`
Let `T_n=sum_(r=1)^n(n/(r^2-2rn+2n^2)), S_n=sum_(r=0)^(n-1)(n/(r^2-2rn+2n^2))`, then
If `sum_(r=1)^(n) a_(r) = (n (n+1)(n+2) )/( 6) AA n ge 1`, then `Lt_(n to oo) sum_(r=1)^(n) (1)/( a_r)=`
Find sum of `sum_(r=1)^n r . C (2n,r)` (a) `n*2^(2n-1)` (b) `2^(2n-1)` (c) `2^(n-1)+1` (d) None of these
If `S_n=sum_(r=1)^n(1+2+2^2+ .......+2^r)/(2^r),` then `S_n` is equal to (a)`2^n n-1` (b) `1-1/(2^n)` (c) 2n`-1+1/(2^n)` (d) `2^n-1`
Let `T_(n) = sum_(r=1)^(n) (n)/(r^(2)-2r.n+2n^(2)), S_(n) = sum_(r=0)^(n)(n)/(r^(2)-2r.n+2n^(2))` then
`lim_(n to oo)(1)/(n)sum_(r=1)^(2n)(r )/(sqrt(n^(2)+r^(2)))` ????? ??
`lim_(n rarr oo) 1/n sum_(r=1)^(2n) r/(n^(2)+r^(2)) ` equals
`{:(" "Lt),(n rarr oo):}1/n sum_(r=1)^(2n)(r)/(sqrt(n^(2)+r^(2)))=`
If `(1-x^2)^n=sum_(r=0)^na_rx^r(1-x)^(2n-r)`, then `a_r` is equal to
Let `S_(n)=sum_(r=1)^(n)((r^(4)_r^(3)n+r^(2)n^(2)+2n^(4))/(n^(5)))` and `T_(n)=sum_(r=0)^(n-1)((r^(4)+r^(3)n^(2)+2n^(4))/(n^(5))),n=1,2,3,`……….then

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