If |(a^2,b^2,c^2),((a+lambda)^2,(b+lambda)^2,(c+lambda)^2),((a-lambda)^2,(b-lamda)^2,(c-lambda)^2)|=klambda|(a^2,b^2,c^2),(a,b,c),(1,1,1)|lambda!=0 then k is equal to : (A) 4 lambda abc (B) -4 lambda abc (C) 4 lambda^2 (D) -4 lambda^2

Updated On: 20-6-2020

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If , then the value of d is
If , then he value of is b. c. d.
If satisfies the equation , then exists if (b) (c) (d)
The vertices of a triangle ABC are and . If its area be units then number of integral values of is
In if , then find the value of .
If then is equal to (A) (B) (C) (D)
If , where A, B and C are matrices then find matrices B and C.
Find the solution of the system of equations where
If be a tangent to the hyperbola then
Show that is divisible by and find the other factor
If and are collinear find non-collinear such that and and are collinear find
If the sum of the slopes of the normal from a point to the hyperbola is equal to , then the locus of point is (a) (b) (c) (d) none of these
The equation has exactly three roots in , then can be equal to (a) (b) (c) (d)
If are perpendicular satisfying then equal to:-

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Definition and Determinant of order 1 order 2

Determinant of order 3

Determinant calculation by sarrus diagram

Determinant of matrix order >=4

Definition and example


Let A be a square matrix of order n; then the sum of the product of elements of any row (column) with their cofactors is always equal to

Let A be a square matrix of order n; then the sum of the product of elements of any row (column) with the cofactors of the corresponding elements of some other row (column) is 0.

Let A be a square matrix of order n then

Let be a square matrix of order and let B be a matrix obtained from A by interchanging any two rows (columns) of A then

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