If `a^(2)-2a-3` is a factor of `a^(4)+pa^(3) +qa^2+12a-9`, find the value of `p^(2)-2q-3`.

Updated On: 7-6-2021

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We have


is a factor of


. But

" " a^(2)=2a-3=(a-3)(a+1)


On putting a-3=0 i.e.., a=3, we get the remainder zero. ltbr.

:. " " (3)^(4)+p(3)^(3)+q(3)^(2)+12(3)-9=0

implies " " 81+27p+q+36-9=0

implies " " 27p+9q=-108

implies " " 3p+q=-12 " " ..........(1)

Alos (a+1) is a factor of



On putting a+1=0 i.e.., a=-1, we get remainder=0

:. (-1)^(4)+p(-1)^(3)+q(-1)^(2)+12^(-1)-9=0

implies " " 1-p+q-12-9=0

implies " "p-q=-20 " "

Adding equations (1) and (2), we get

:. " "p=-8

Putting p=-8 in equation (1), we get


implies " " q=12

:. " " p^(2)-2q-3=(-8)^(2)-2(12)-3


" "


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If `a^(2)-2a-3` is a factor of `a^(4)+pa^(3) +qa^2+12a-9`, find the value of `p^(2)-2q-3`. If `a^(2)-2a-3` is a factor of `a^(4)+pa^(3)+12a-9`, find the value of `p^(2)-2q-3`. If `a = (sqrt3 + sqrt2)/(sqrt3-sqrt2)` then the value of `2a^4 - 21 a^3 + 12 a^2 - a + 1` is If`x^(2)+2x+3,x^(4)+3px^(2)+2q`Is a factor of, then`p+q`Find the value of If `x^(2)+2x+3` is a factor of `x^(4)+3px^(2)+2q`, then find the value of p+q ? गुणनखंड कीजिए`12a^2+2a-4` यदि `(a^(2)-1)`,`pa^(4)+qa^(3)+ra^(2)+sa+t` का गुणनखंड हो तो सिद्ध करे की :`p+r+t=q+s=0` Factorize each of the following :`(i) 8a^3+b^3+12 a^2 b+ 6 ab^2 (ii) 27p^3 - 9/2 p^2+ p/4-1/216` if `x^2+2x+3` ,is the factor of ` x^4+3px^2+2q`then find `p+q` Factorise (Using factor theorem ) : `p^(3)-3pq^(2)+2q^(3)` गुणनखंडन कीजिये :- <br> `8a^(3)+b^(3)+12a^(2)b+6ab^(2)` Factorize: `8a^3-b^3-12 a^2b+6a b^2` Factorize: `8a^3+b^3+12 a^2b+6a b^2` यदि `(P^(2) - p - 6)` व `(p^(2) + 3 p - 18)` का महत्तम समापवर्तक (p-a) हो, तब a का मान है ??????? ????? ?????? <br> `4a^(2) + 12a +9`

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