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Question From class 12 Chapter DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS

If then the value of is

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If and , find the value of
If 2x-3y=10 and xy=16, find the value of .
If and , find the value of
If the lines and are concurrent , then the value of is
If and find the value of
??? ??, ?? ?? ?? ?????? ????? ????
Find the greatest value of if and .
If the pairs of lines and have exactly one line in common, then the joint equation of the other two lines is given by
If and , what is the value of
I. If 2x + 3y = 29 and y = x + 3, what is the value of x?
1) 2x-3y = 6 If a st. line passes through the point line on the co-ordinate axes, then the equation of the line is 3x + 2y-1 0 2) 2x+3y-2 0 2)2x+3y-6=0 3) 2x +3y +6 04) 2x -3y +50 5' 5 and ab =-, where a, b are the intercepts of the 3) 4x +y-1-0 4) x +4y-1-0
If and , then the least value of is equal to
If find the value of
Let then the maximum value of is
Find the asymptotes of the following curves:
Solve the following system of equations graphically:

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