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Question From class 9 Chapter COORDINATE GEOMETRY

How will you describe the position of a table lamp on your study table to anotherperson?

Solution :

Let table lamp is meter from bottom edge and meter from right edge on study table. Then,<br> position of table lamp can be described as (x,y) from study table.<br>

?? ???? ??????? ?? ?? ???? ?????? ??? ?? ??? ???? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ????????
Think of suitable -ing or -ed adectives to answer the questions. How would you describe <br> how you feel when you watch your favourite programme on television? _______________
How will you distinguish between a hard boiled egg and a raw egg by spinning each on a table top ?
Think of suitable -ing or -ed adectives to answer the questions. How would you describe <br> the look on your mother’s face as you waited in a ueue? ______________
A lamp is hanging at a height of above a table. The lamp is lowered by . The percentage increase in illuminace will be
Describe how effective nuclear charge changes <br> along a period and a group in a periodic table.
Write a short note on the position of isotopes in the Mendeleev's periodic table and the modern periodic table.
A lamp is hanging at a height 40 cm from the centre of a table. If its height is increased by 10 cm the illuminance on the table will decrease by
Think of suitable -ing or -ed adectives to answer the questions. How would you describe <br> a debate on your favourite topic ‘omework hould Be Banned’?
Describe themerits of Mendeleev's periodic table.
In a village comprising 300 small and big famers, you are to select a sample of 10 % farming households. The idea is to study cropping pattern in the village. How would you take your descision on selecting the sample ?
When a curvilinear triangle is placed on a staggered table, the planks of the table will vibrate:
(a) Water is an elixir of life, a very important natural resource. Your Science teacher wants you to prepare a plan for a formative assessment activity, "How to save water, the vital natural resource." Write any two ways that you will suggest to bring awareness in your neighbourhood, on 'how to save water'. <br> (b) Name and explain any one way by which the underground water table does not go down further.
Describe how the metallic and non-metallic <br> characters vary along a period and group the <br> periodic table.
Describe the structure of the modern periodic table.

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What is coordinate geometry ? Why it is so useful for us ?

Cartesian co-ordinate axis and quadrants

Cartesian Co-ordinate of a point

Convention of Signs

In Which quadrant do the following points lie ? (i) (4,3) (ii) (-3,-2) (iii) (-2,1) (iv) (2,-5)

Plotting of Points on Cartesian co-ordinate system

Find the following points on graph paper : (i) (3,4) (ii) (-2,3) (iii) ( -4,-3) (iv) (3,-3)

Write down the co-ordinates of the following points A;B;C and D marked on the graph paper.