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Question From class 10 Chapter ARITHMETIC PROGRESSIONS

How to form the sequence of an AP?

How to form the sequence of an AP?
If each terms of the GP is raised to some power, the resulting sequence also forms an GP.
Prove that if a constant is added to or subtracted from each terms of an AP; then the resulting sequence is also an AP with the same common difference.
Definition + algorithm to determine the sequence of AP
The cost of digging a well for the first metre is Rs 150 and rises by Rs 20 for each succeeding metre. Will the sequence form an ?
The term of a sequence is . Is the sequence an If so, find its term.
If the terms of an AP are chosen at regular intervals ; then they form an AP.
Show that the the sequence defined by is not an AP.
Insert five numbers between 11 and 29 such that the resulting sequence is an AP.
A sequence is an AP if the sum of its first n terms is of the form where A and B are constants independent of n .In such a case the common difference is 2A
If the sum of n terms of a sequence is quadratic expression it always represents an AP.
Which of the following list of numbers does form an AP? If they form an AP. write the next two terms : (i) 4, 10, 16. 22, . . . (ii) 1,-1, -3,-5, . . . (iii) -2,2,-2,2, . . . (iv)1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3, . . .
Number of students left in the school auditorium from the total strength of 1000 students when they leave the auditorium in batches of 25. Will the sequence form an ?
Show that the sequence defined by is an AP. Find the common difference .
Show that the sequence defined by is an Also, find its common difference.

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What is Arithmetic progressions ?

How to form the sequence of an AP?

Definition of Sequence with example .

Theorem:-Let a be the first term and d be the common difference of an AP. Then its nth term and general term is given by

Find the nth term of an AP from the end

Find the middle term(s) of a finite AP

If the 8th term of an AP is 31 and the 15th term of an AP is 16 more than the 11th term . find the AP.

Selection of terms in an AP

Theorem: The sum of nth terms of an AP with first term a and common difference d is

The sum of first 6 terms of an arithmetic progression is 42. The ratio of its 10th term to its 30th term is . Calculate the first and 13th term of an AP.

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