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Question From class 14 Chapter ALLIGATION OR MIXTURE

How many kilograms of sugar costing Rs 9 per kg must be mixed with 27 kg of sugar costing Rs 7 per kg so that there may be a gain of 10% by selling the mixture at Rs 9.24 per kg? (a) 36 kg       (b) 42 kg      (c) 54 kg       (d) 63 kg

How many kgs. of wheat costing Rs 8 per kg must be mixed with 36 kg of rice costing Rs 5.40 per kg so that 20% gain may be obtained by selling the mixture at Rs 7.20 per kg?
20 रुपये प्रति किग्रा और रुपये प्रति किग्रा वाली चीनी को किस अनुपात में मिलाया जाए ताकि मिश्रित चीनी को 16 रुपये प्रति किग्रा पर बेचने पर न तो लाभ हो और न ही हानि हो !
By selling sugar at Rs 11.16 per kg, a man loses 7%. To gain 7%, it must be sold at
In what ratio must rice at Rs 9.30 per kg be mixed with rice at Rs 10.80 per kg so that the mixture be worth Rs 10 per kg?
280 रुपये प्रति किग्रा की 7 किग्रा चाय को 240 रुपये प्रति किग्रा की 9 किग्रा चाय के साथ मिलाया जाता है मिश्रित चाय का औसत मूल्य प्रति किग्रा बताए !
कोई दुकानदार किस अनुपात में 12 रू प्रति किग्रा वाली और 7 रू प्रति किग्रा वाली चीनी को मिश्रित करे की मिश्रण का मूल्य 8 रू प्रति किग्रा बन जाए ?
किस अनुपात मे रू 10.20 प्रति किलोग्राम के चावल रू 14.40 प्रति किलोग्राम के चावल मे मिलाया जाए की मिश्रण रू 12.60 प्रति किलोग्राम हो जाए।
A grocer purchased 80 kg of sugar at Rs. 13.50 per kg and mixed it with 120 kg sugar at Rs. 16 per kg. At what rate should he sell the mixture to gain 16%?
coffee costing per kg was mixed with chicory costing per kg in the ratio for a certain blend.if:the mixture was sold at per kg; find the gain or loss per cent.
A grocer purchased 80 kg of sugar at ? 13.50 per kg and mixed it with 120 kg sugar at t 16 per kg. At what rate should he sell the mixture to gain 16%?
One quality of wheat at Rs 9.30 per kg is mixed with another quality at a certain rate in the ratio 8:7. If the mixture so formed be worth Rs 10 per kg, what is the rate per kg of the second quality of wheat? (a) Rs 10.30       (b) Rs 10.60      (c) Rs 10.80     (d) Rs 11
By mixing two brands of tea and selling the mixture at the rate of Rs. 177 per kg, a shopkeeper makes a profit of 18%. if to every 2 kg of one brand costing Rs. 200 per kg, 3 kg of the other brand is added, then how much per kg does the other brand cost? a. Rs. 110 b. Rs. 120 c. Rs. 140 d. none of these
42 पैसे प्रति किग्रा वाले नमक के कितने किग्रा नमक को 24 पैसे किग्रा वाले नमक के 25 किग्रा नमक में मिलाकर बने मिश्रण को 40 पैसे प्रति किग्रा बेचने पर का लाभ हो !
A shopkeeper bougth 10 kg of rice for Rs. 200, 5 kg of rice at Rs. 15 per kg, and 5 kg at Rs. 25 per kg. Find the average costof the rice per kg.
In what ratio must tea at Rs 62 per kg be mixed with tea at Rs 72 per kg so that the mixture must be worth Rs 64.50 per kg? (b) (c) (d)

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