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Himaja sold a bicycle for Rs 1210 to Girija at a gain of 10% and Vasu sold a scooter for Rs10200 to Vyas at a gain of 2%. Who got more profit and how much?

A sold an article for ? 420 at a gain of 5% and B sold an article for ? 477 at a gain of 6%. Who got more profit and by how much ?
Mohit sold a watch to Karim at a gain of 10% and Karim sold it to Rahim at a gain of 4%. If Rahim pays Rs14300 for it,for how much did Mohit purchase it?
A ने B को 10 % लाभ पर एक साइकिल बेची | B ने को 20 % लाभ पर साइकिल बेची | यदि C से ₹ 264 मे साइकिल खरीदी तो A ने कितने मे साइकिल खरीदी थी ?
I bought two shooters for Rs 50000 and sold it for Rs 60000. If I sold a scooter to 12% profit and the other to 32% profit then what was the purchase price of the scooter sold at 12% profit?
A bicycle was sold at a gain of 20%. Had it been sold for Rs. 89 more, the gain would have been 25%. Find the cost price of the bicycle
A bicycle was sold at a gain of 20%.Had it been sold for ? 89 more, the gain would have been 25%. Find the cost pirce of the bicycle.
A mechanic sold a scooter for ? 9000 at a loss of 10%. In order to gain 5% at what price should he sell it ?
Raju sold his car for Rs. 126000 at a gain of 5%. In order to gain 10%, at what price should he sell the car?
Mehul sold an item for ?5,625 and incurred a loss of 25%. At what price should he have sold the item to gain a profit of25%?
A person sold an article from ? 3600 and got a profit of20%. Had he sold the article for ? 3150, how much profit would he have got?
A grocer bought sugar worth Rs. 4500. He sold one-third of it at a gain of 10%. At what gain per cent must the remaining sugar be sold to have a gain of 12% on the whole?
A watch is sold for Rs. 660 and gain is 10%. The C.P of watch is :
A trader purchased a bicycle for Rs. 2500 and sold at Rs. 2700. Find his profit percentage.
A man sells a bicycle at a gain of 10%. If he had bought it at 10% less and sold it for Rs. 132 less, he would have still gained 10%. The cost price of the article is
Shopkeeper purchased some goods for ? 900 and sold one- third of the goods at a loss of what 12%, then at what gain % should the remainder goods he sold to gain 18% profit on the whole transaction?

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