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Question From class 11 Chapter FUNDAMENTAL OF MATHEMATICS


Hemisphere: volume: CSA: TSA
Sphere and Hemisphere
Volume of Sphere and Hemisphere
The total surface area of a hemisphere is 3768cm2. Find the radius of the hemisphere. (Take pi= 3.14)
Volume and surface area of a solid hemisphere are numerically equal what is the diameter of the hemisphere?
Volume and surface area of hemisphere
Surface area of Sphere and Hemisphere
If C.S.A of hemisphere is And base area is then find total surface area of hemisphere.
Find the volume of hemisphere of radius 3.5cm.
The total surface area of a hemisphere is 632 .Find its volume.
Find the surface area and total surface area of a hemisphere of radius 21cm.
Find the ratio of the surface of a sphere and total surface area of a hemisphere.
Find the total surface area of a hemisphere of radius 10 cm
Find the total surface area of a hemisphere whose radius is 1 cm.
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???? ???????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?????? ????? ???? ???????? ?? ???????? 4.2 cm ??? ?????? ?? ???? ????? 10.2 cm ??? ?????? ?? ???? ????? ?????
A vessel in the form of a hollow hemisphere mounted by a hollow cylinder. The diameter of the hemisphere is 14 cm and the total height of the vessel is 13 cm. Find the inner surface area of the vessel.
A cubical block of side 7 cm is surmounted by a hemisphere. What is the greatest diameter of the hemisphere can have? Find the total surface area of the solid.

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Introduction to Numbers

Fraction and Types of Fraction

Rational Number with examples

Irrational Number with examples

Transcendental Number

Real Numbers

Odd and Even Numbers

Prime and Composite Numbers

Co-Prime Numbers and Twine Prime Numbers

Numbers to remember (Square and square root of a real number )

Condition of divisiblity by 2

Condition of divisiblity by 3

Condition of divisiblity by 4

Condition of divisiblity by 5

Condition of divisiblity by 6

Condition of divisiblity by 7

Condition of divisiblity by 8

Condition of divisiblity by 9

Condition of divisiblity by 10

Condition of divisiblity by 11

HCF or GCD of numbers

LCM of numbers

L.C.M of no. in the form of fraction

Basic Factorication Formulas

Cyclic Factors

Remainder Theorem

Factor Theorem

Componendo and Dividendo in finding the ratio

Important Result

Definition & Type of Intervals

Similarty Condition of two polygon

Thales Theorem ( Basic Proportionality Theorem)

Similarity Theorem (i) AAA similarity (ii) SSS similarity (iii) SAS similarity

Pythagorous Theorem and Important results

Concentric Circles & Congruent Circles

Theorem:-1If two arcs of a circle are congruent ; the corresponding chord are equal and Equal chords of a circle substends equal angles at the centre.

Theorem :-2 The perpendicular from centre of a circle to the chord bisects the chord and Perpendicular bisectors of two chords of a circle intersects at the centre.

Theorem:- 3 There is one and only one circle passing through three non collinear points and If two circles intersects in two points; then the line joining the centres is perpendicular bisector of common chords

Theorem :-4(i) Equal chords of a circle (or of congruent circle) are equidistant from the centre (ii) Of any two chords of a circle larger chord will be nearer to the centre.

Theorem:-4(iii) If two equal chords are drawn from a point on the circle; then the centre of a circle will lie on angle bisector of these two chords .

Theorem:-5 (i) The degree measure of an arc or angle subtended by an arc at the centre is double the angle subtended by it at any point of alternate segment. (ii) Angle in the same segment of a circle are equal (iii) The angle in the semi circle is right angle.

Theorem:-6 Any angle subtended by minor arc in the alternate segment is acute and any angle subtended by major arc in the alternate segment is obtuse.

Theorem:-7 If the line segment joining two points subtends equal angles at two other points lying on the same side of the line segment; the four points are concyclic. i.e lie on the same circle.

The opposite angles of a cyclic quadrilaterals are supplimentary

If a side of the cyclic quadrlateral is produced ; then the external angle is equal to the interior opposite angles.

The quadrilateral formed by angle bisectors of a cyclic quadrilateral is also cyclic.

A cyclic trapezium is isosceles and its diagonals are equal.

The bisectors of the angles formed by producing the opposite sides of a cyclic quadrilateral (provided that they are not parallel) intersect at right angle.

A Tangent to a circle is perpendicular is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact.

If two tangents are drawn to a circle from an external point ; then (i) they are equal (ii) they subtends equal angles at the centre. (iii) they are equally inclined to the segment ; joining the centre to that point .

If two chords of a circle intersect inside or outside the circle when produced ; the rectangle formed by the two segments of one chord is equal in area to the rectangle formed by the two segments of the other chord.

If PAB are secant to the circle and PT is tangent segment; then

If a chord is drawn through the point of contact of a tangent to a circle; then the angle which this chord makes with the given tangent are equal respectively to the angles formed in the corresponding alternate segments.

When distant between the centres is grater than the sum of radii.

When distant between the centres is equal to the sum of the radii.

When distant between the centres is less than sum of radii and greater than their absolute difference.

When distant between their centres is equal to the difference of the radii.

When distant between their centres is less than the difference of radii

If two circles touch each other (internally or externally); the point of contact lies on the line through the centres.

The point of intersection of direct common tangents and transverse common tangents to two circles divide the line segmenta joining the two centres externally and internally respectively in the ratio of their radii.















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