Given that f'(x) > g'(x) for all real x, and f(0)=g(0) . Then f(x) < g(x) for all x belong to (a) (0,oo) (b) (-oo,0) (c) (-oo,oo) (d) none of these

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Let f be a real-valued function defined on interval ,by . Then which of the following statement(s) is (are) true? (A). f"(x) exists for all . (B). f'(x) exists for all x and f' is continuous on , but not differentiable on . (C). there exists such that for all x . (D). there exists such that for all x .
Let Then g(x) is increasing in (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) none of these
Let be non-increasing and non-decreasing functions, respectively, and If are differentiable functions, If are differentiable for all points in their respective domains and then show is always, identically zero.
Consider the function defined by , and let . Which of the following is true? (A) is positive on and negative on (B) is negative on and positive on (C) changes sign on both and (D) does not change sign on
Set of all real value of a such that is always negative is b. c. d. none
Let , a>1.Then the complete set of real values of x for which f'(x)>0 is (a) .
Let be a function satisfying for all Prove taht
The set of points where the function is differentiable is (b) (d)
If then (a)increase in (b)decrease in (c)neither increases nor decreases in (d)increase in
= the domain of where and =the domain of where , then (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)
Let be differentiable for real such that If then the value of is a. 1 b. 2 c. 0 d. 4
Let be a quadratic expression which is positive for all real x and .A quadratic expression has same sign as that coefficient of for all real if and only if the roots of the corresponding equation are imaginary. For function which of the following is true (A) for all real x (B) for all real x (C) for some real x (D) for all real x
for all then (A) f has local maximum at x=4 and a local minimum at x=3 (B) f is decreasing on and inccreasing on (C) There exists atleats two such that and (D) There exists some such that
Given that and f(0) =g(0) then
Let and then g(0) =

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