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Question From class 12 Chapter PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS

Given 11 points, of which 5 lie on one circle, other than these 5, no 4 lie on one circle. Then the maximum number of circles that can be drawn so that each contains atleast three of the given points is

Seven points lie on a circle. How many chords can be drawn by joining these points.
Four points are such that the line joining any two points is perpendicular to the line joining other two points. If three point out of these lie on a rectangular hyperbola, then the fourth point will lie on
Consider the ellipse . Let P,Q,R,S be four points on the ellipse such that the normal drawn from these points are con current at (2,2) then the centre of the conic on which these 4 points lie is (A) P,Q,R,S lie on the given ellipse (B) (C) (D)
4 lines and 5 circle are lie in a plane. Then all maximum no of points of intersection in this plane is -
Prove that the points A(1, 4), B(3, -2) and C(4, -5) are collinear. Also find the equation of the line on which these points lie.
Show that the points , all lie on a circle. Find its equation, centre and radius.
Show that the points (9, -2), (-5, 12) and (-7, 10) lie on that circle whose centre is the point (1, 4)
10 points lie in a plane, of which 4 points are collinear. Barring these 4 points no three of the 10 points are collinear. How many distinct quadrilaterals can be drawn?
Find the number of integral points which lie on or inside the circle .
A, B, C, D and E are coplanar points and three of them lie in a straight line. What is the maximum number of triangles that can be drawn with these points as their vertices ?
Let be three points in a straight line. B lying between Consider all circles passing through The points of contact of the tangents from A to these circle lie on
Show that the points are concyclic, i.e., all lie on the same circle. Find the equation, centre and radius of this circle.
The maximum number of tangents that can be drawn to a circle from a points outside it is
On which axis do the given points lie ?
The number of lines that can be formed from 12 points in a plane of which 6 points lie on a line is

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fundamental principle of addition

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