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Question From class 12 Chapter DEFAULT

satisfying then maximum value of is

If and then
and are the inclination of lines with the x-axis. If pass through , then the equation of one of the angle bisector of these lines is (a) (b) (c) (d)
Let and (where are two solutions of then int_(theta_1)^(theta_2) cos^2 3theta dtheta
If be three that unit vectors such that veing non parallel. If is the angle between and is the angle between then (A) (B) (C) (D)
Let be two complex numbers. Then prove that or or
Given that . If then the angle between is . If then the angle between is . What is the relation between ?
If then the greatest value of sum is equal to
Three liquids of densities , and (with having the same value of surface tension , rise to the same height in three identical capillaries. The angles of contact , and obey
The vertices of a triangle are and . If the circumcentre coincides with origin then
If having vertices are equilateral triangle, then prove that
The value of x in satisfying the equation sin x cos x are . . .
Heat flows radially outwards through a spherical shell of outside radius and inner radius . The temperature of inner surface of shell is and that of outer is . At what radial distance from centre of shell the temperature is just half way between ?
Find the value of satisfying the following equation
The ends of a metal rod are kept at temperatures and with . The rate of flow of heat along the rod is directly proportional to
The integral Value of satisfying the equation can be

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FAQs on Default

Explain Trignometric Ratios or Function with graph .

Trigonometric ratios are same for same angle

Relation between trigonometric ratios

State Fundamental Trigonometric identities and also prove that identities .

Prove related problems - Type 1 - prove the following identities

Prove related problems - Type 2-(1) If prove that (2) Given that Show that the value of each member of the equality is

Explain Signs of trigonometric function with graph .

find variation in the values of all trignometric functions in different quadrants?

Calculation of trigonometric values if 1 value is given (1) If then find the value of all trigonometric functions

Represent angle (-x) in terms of x