From 6 different novels and 3 different dictionaries, 4 novels and 1 dictionary are to be selected and arranged in a row on a shelf so that the dictionary is always in the middle. Then the number of such arrangements is (1) less than 500 (2) at least 500 but less than 750 (3) at least 750 but less than 1000 (4) at least 1000

Updated On: 8-4-2020

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If is a real number than is (a) less than (b) zero for at least one value of (c) always negative (d) greater than or equal to
Let and be a constant such that for all x,y real and . Then the least possible value of A is (A) equal to 1(B) bigger than 1 but less than 2 (C) bigger than 0 but less than 1(D) bigger than 2
The number of numbers greater than or equto 1000 but less than 4000 that can be formedwith 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 so that any digit may berepeated is1) 374 2) 375 3) 120 4) 360
Given below is the frequency distribution of wages (in Rs.) of 30 workers in a certain factory: Wages (in Rs.)       110-130 130-150                 150-170 170-190 190-210                 210-230 230-250 No. of workers       3            4            5                 6            5            4            3 A worker is selected at random. Find the probability that his wages are: (i)               less than Rs. 150 (ii)             at least Rs. 210 (iii)           more than or equal to 150 but less than Rs. 210.
Given below is the frequency distribution of wages (in Rs.) of 30 workers in a certain factory: Wages (In Rs. 110-130 130-150 150-170 170-190 190-210 210-230 230-250 No. of workers 3 4 5 6 5 4 3 A worker is selected at random. Find the probability that his wages are: less than Rs. 150            (ii)  at least Rs. 210 more than or equal to 150 but less than Rs. 210
The number of 3 ´ 3 non-singular matrices, with four entries as 1 and all other entries as 0, is (1) 5               (2) 6              (3) at least 7                  (4) less than 4
There are 5 boys and 6 girls . A committee of 4 is to be selected so that it must consist at least one boy and at least one girl?
Bulbs are packed in cartons , each containing 40 bulbs . 700 cartons were examined for defective bulbs and the results are given in the following table : <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> One carton is selected at random. What is the probability that it has <br> (i) no defective bulb? <br> (ii) defective bulbs less than 4 ? <br> (iii) defective bulbs more than 3 but less than 6 ? <br> (iv) defective bulbs 6 or more ?
if then is equal to (a) less than 2 (b) greater than 2 (c) less than 4 (d) greater than 4
If represents the least integer, not less than x, then total number of solutions of the equation , is equal to
A number is chosen at random from the numbers . Then the probability that square of this number is less than or equal to 1 is _____________ .
Conditions on a and b for which is less than zero for at least one positive x are
Using the number line, write the integer which is: 4 more than 3 (ii) 5 less than 2 (iii)8 more than (iv) 4 less than

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FAQs on Jee Mains

What is factorial Zero Factorial examples

(a)Compute (i) (ii) (b)find n if

fundamental principle of multiplication

fundamental principle of addition

Difference and application of fundamental principals

There are 3 condidates for a Classical; 5 for a Mathematical and 4 for a Natural science scholarship.(i)In how many ways can these scholarship be awarded ? (ii) In how many ways one of these scholarships be awarded?

What is permutation ?

Notation + theorem :- Let r and n be the positive integers such that . Then no. of all permutations of n distinct things taken r at a time is given by

Prove that

The no. of all permutation of n distinct things taken all at a time is

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