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Question From class 11 Chapter PERMUTATIONS

Four books, one each in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics, are to be arranged in a shelf. In how many ways can this be done?

In how many ways can 4 different books, one each in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics, be arranged on a shelf?
In how many ways books of Mathematics, books of Physics and books of Chemistry can be arranged on a table if all the books of one subject placed together?
In how many ways can 7 different books be arranged on a shelf? In many ways three particular books are always together?
In how may ways can 15 identical books of mathematics and 12 identical books of physics be placed in a row on a shelf so that tow books of physics may not be together ?
There are 6 books of physics , 3 of chemistry and 4 of biology . Number of ways in which these bokks be placed on a shelf if the books of the ame subject are to be together is
There are three copies each of 4 different books. In how many ways can they be arranged in a shelf?
A library has two books each having three copies and three other books each having tow copies. In how many ways can all these books be arranged in a shelf so that copies of the same book are not separated.
The number of ways that 5 Mathematics, 3 Physics and 2 Chemistry books can be arranged so that the three physics books kept together and the two chemistry books not together is
There are five books on Mathematics and 6 books on Physics in a book shop. In how many ways can a student buy : (i) a Mathematics book and a Physics book (ii) either a Mathematics book or a Physics book?
In how many ways can 4 books of Mathematics, 3 books of English and 2 books of Hindi can be arranged if the books of one subject are always together?
In how many ways can 3 books on Hindi and 3 books on English be arranged in a row on a shelf, so that not all the Hindi books are together ?
Seven books Math,English,Physics, Chemistry , Biology, Hindi, Histroy are arranged one above another. Only two books are placed above chemistry book. Only one book is placed between history and Biology as between box biology and math. Three boxes are placed between box English and physics. English is placed above physics. <br> How many total numbers of books are placed in between book history and biology ?
84 गणित, 90 भौतिकी तथा 120 रसायन के किताबों को विषयवार तरीके से स्टेकों में लगाना है प्रत्येक स्टेक में कितनी किताबें होंगी कि प्रत्येक की ऊंचाई बराबर हो?
In how many ways can the following prizes be given away to a class of 30 students, first and second in Mathematics, first and second in Physics, first in Chemistry and first in English?
In how many ways can the following prizes be given away to a class of 20 students: <br> first and second in mathematics,l first and second in chemistry, first in physics and first in English?

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(a)Compute (i) (ii) (b)find n if

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