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Question From class 6 Chapter ALGEBRA

Find the rule which gives the number of matchsticks required to make thefollowing matchstick patterns. Use a variable to write the rule.(a) A pattern of letter T as(b) A pattern of letter Z as(c) A pattern of letter U as(d) A pattern of letter V as(e) A pattern of letter E as(f) A pattern of letter S as(g) A pattern of letter A as

Solution :

let that varable be x<br> a)2x<br> b)3x<br> c)3x<br> d)2x<br> e)4x<br> f)5x<br> g)5x<br>

(a)    Look at the following matchstick pattern of squares (Fig 11.6). The squares are not separate. Two neighbouring squares have a common matchstick. Observe the patterns and find the rule that gives the number of matchsticks in terms of the number of squares. (Hint : If you remove the vertical stick at the end, you will get a pattern of Cs.) (b)   Fig 11.7 gives a matchstick pattern of triangles. As in Exercise 11 (a) above, find the general rule that gives the number of matchsticks in terms of the number of triangles.
अंग्रेजी वर्णमाला का अक्षर एक यदृच्छया चुना जाता है प्रायिकता ज्ञात कीजिये की यह शब्द MATHEMATICS का एक अक्षर है
Are the following sets equal? is a letter in the work reap , is as letter in the work paper is a letter in the work rope .
The scientist who proposed the first letter (or first letter and another letter) of the Latin or English name of an element as its symbol , was :
If every third letter from the following English alphabet is dropped, which letter will be seventh to the right of eleventh letter from your tight? <br> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
How many words can be formed using the letter A thrice, the letter B twice and the letter C thrice?
If universal set, U={x:x is a letter in the phrase The MAD DONKEY} <br> A={x:x is a letter of word MONKEY} <br> B={x:x is letter of word ANT} <br> C={x:x is a letter of word THAT} <br> Find the following <br> (i) L <br> (ii) ' <br> (iii) (B-C)'
The central maximum in the diffraction pattern of a circular aperture is known as
Pattern of arrangement of leaves on stem is known as
अंग्रजी वर्णमाला का एक अक्षर यादृच्छया चुना जाता है प्रायिकता ज्ञात कीजिये की चुना गए अक्षर एक वयंजन है
'A' writes a letter to his friend 'B' and gives it to his son to post it in a letter box, the reliability of his son being . The probability that a letter posted will get delivered is .At a later date, 'A' hears from 'B' that the letter has not reached him. Find the probability that the son did not post the letter at all .
If is a letter in the word 'able' , is a letter in the word 'lable' , is letter in the word 'lab' which of the following are true ?
Are the following pairs of sets equal? Give reason. is a letter of the word WOLF is a letter of the word
Let A={x:x is a letter of word APPRECIATION} <br> B={x:x is a letter of word REPETITION} <br> Find
A letter of English alphabet is chosen at random. Determine the probability that the chosen letter is a consonant.

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