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Question From class 9 Chapter CO-ORDINATE GEOMETRY

Find the mirror image of the point in x-axis.

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the dot Find the mirror image in the x-axis.
A line passing through the points then the image of the line in x-axis is
In the figureshownm the image of a real object is formed at point I. AB is the principal axis of the mirror. The mirror must be <br> <img src="" width="80%">
Mirror image of a point in plane
A plane mirror is placed along the y-axis such that x-axis is normal to the plane of the mirror. The reflecting surface of the mirror is towards negative x-axis. The mirror moves in positive x-direction with uniform speed of 5 m/s and a point object P is moving with constant speed 3m/s in negative x-direction. find the speed of image with respect to mirror in m/s.
The line of the point (3, 8) assuming the line to be a mirror for a point Find the image in
Imagining that simple lines act like a mirror to a point, the line of point (1, 2) Find the image in
Assuming that straight lines work as the plane mirror for a point, find the image of the point (1, 2) in the line .
Assertion : In case of a concave mirror if a point object is moving towards the mirror along its principal axis, then its image will move away from the mirror. <br> Reason : In case of reflection (along the principal axis of mirror) object and image always travel in opposite directions.
A concave mirror forms the real image of a point source lying on the oprical axis at a distance of from the mirror. The focal length of the mirror is . The mirror is cut into two halves and its halves are drawn a distance of apart (from each other) in a direction perpendicular to the optical axis. Find the distace (in ) between the two image formed by the two halves of the mirror.
A point object is placed 60 cm from the pole of a concave mirror of focal length 10 cm on the principal axis. <br> Find: <br> a. the position of image. <br> b. If the object is shifted 1 mm towards the mirror along principal axis, find the shift in image. Explain the result.
Point A (0, 1 cm) and B (12 cm, 5 cm) are the coordinates of object and image x-axis is the principal axis of the mirror. The, this object image pair is
A point object is kept in front of a plane mirror. The plane mirror is doing SHM of ampliture 2cm. The plane mirror moves along the x-axis which is normal to the mirror. The amplitude of the mirror is such that the object is always in front of the mirror. The amplitude of SHM of the image is
Figure shows a shperical concave mirror of focal length f=5cm with its pole at (0,0) and principal axis along x-axis. There is a point object at (-40cm, 1cm), find the postion of image. <br> <img src="" width="80%">
Find a point on y-axis which is equidistant from the points and .

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