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Question From class 11 Chapter CONIC SECTIONS

Find the equation of a chord of the ellipse joining two points and

Find the equation of chord of an ellipse joining two points
If intersect the ellipse at P and Q , then point of intersection of tangents at P and Q.
iger are two points on the ellipse , locus ofmid point of PQ is
If the mid-point of a chord of the ellipse (0, 3), then length of the chord is (2) 16 (3) 12 (5) 32
If are two points on the ellipse then find the lotuc of midpoint of PQ
If the chord joining points and on the ellipse subtends a right angle at the vertex A (a, 0), then
If the midpoint of the chord of the ellipse is
Find the length of the chord of the ellipse , whose middle point is .
Find the vector joining the points and directed from P to Q.
Find the locus of the foot of perpendicular from the centre of the ellipse on the chord joining the points whose eccentric angles differ by
Chord joining two distinct points P and Q on the parabola always passes through a fixed point. Find the co-ordinate of fixed point.
if a variable tangent of the circle intersects the ellipse at and then the locus of the points of intersection of the tangents at and is
Tangents are drawn from a point to the ellipse touching the ellipse in the points Q and R. The angle between PQ and PR is
If are two points on the ellipse and a is the angle between normals at P and Q, then
Equation of chord joining points and

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Ellipse Introduction

Equation of ellipse in its standard equation

Various result of Ellipse :- Vertices; major and minor axis ; focii directrix and center

Various results of ellipse when y-axis is major axis

Equation of an ellipse whose axes are parallel to co-ordinate axes and center is

Some important terms of ellipse :- Ordinate; Double ordinate ;latus rectum.

Position of a point with respect to ellipse

Ellipse with axis not parallel to coordinate axis

Relation between all the terms of ellipse and major- minor axis when axis is not parallel to co ordinate axes

Auxiliary circle and eccentric angle