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Question From class 12 Chapter JEE MAINS

Find t5he area bounded by and the curve satisfying the condition ,

If and . Then find the area bounded by the curve and
If , then is
If ; , . Find
Let f be a real valued differentiable function satisfying and f(1)=1. (i) Equation ofthe normal to the graph of f(x) at the point where y=f(x) cuts the y-axis, is (ii) area enclosed by the curve in the first quardrant:
Which of the following functions have the graph symmetrical about the origin? given by none of these
<br> The area bounded by the curve is
If , and , find f(x) .
If is a function satisfying , then find
Let is differentiable at such that Also, Then find
<br> The area bounded by is
Let and is differentiable at such that also , , then find .
If is polynomial function satisfying and if then find the value of
for all x , then is
<br> The area bounded by is
Let be a function which is differentiable in its domain and satisfying the equation also f'(1)=2. Then find the function.

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FAQs on Jee Mains

Fundamental Theorem of Definite Integration


Definite integration by substitution


Property 1: Integration is independent of the change of variable.

Property 2: If the limits of a definite integral are interchanged then its value changes.

Property 3:

Property 4: If is a continuous function on then

Property 5: If is a continuous function defined on then