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Question From class 8 Chapter Comparing Quantities

Express 125% as a ratio

Express the recurring decimal as a reatonal number.
Express each of the following ratios as percents: (i) (ii) 1:5 (iii)
Express as a single trignometric ratio.
1. Express 12 x 12 x 12x12 x 12 x 12 as a power. 2. Express 15625 in the exponential signs of base 5, base 25 and base 125. 3. Express 0.0001 as the power on base 0.01.
The ratio 5:4 expressed as a percent equals b. c. d.
Express the following as a single trignometric ratio: <br> <br> .
Express the following as a single trigonometric ratio:
Find the value and express as a rational number in standard form : (ii) (iii)
(i) Express as a decimal. <br> (ii) Express as a fraction. <br> (iii) Express as a percentage.
The volumes of two cubes are as 125 : 729.Find the ratio of their edges. What is the ratio of their surface areas?
Express as a decimal
Express as a fraction
Express 40% as a fraction.
Express 27% as a decimal.
Express as a fraction.

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RATIO: The ratio of two quantities of the same kind and in the units is a fraction that shows how many times the one quantity is of the other.

RATIO IN THE SIMPLEST FORM: A ratio is said to be in the simplest form if its antecedent a and consequent b have no common factor other than 1.

In a ratio we compare two quantities. The comparison meaningless if the quantities being compared are not of the same kind.

RATIO: The ratio of two quantities of the same kind and in the units is a fraction that shows how many times the one quantity is of the other.

The order of the terms in a ratio is very important. The ratio is different from the ratio .

Divide 108 in two parts in the ratio .

If find the value of .

Comparison of ratios

EQUIVALENT RATIOS A ratio obtained by multiplying or dividing the numerator and denominator of a given ratio by the same number is called an equivalent ratio.