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Evaluate: `int_0^(pi//2)sqrt(costheta)sin^3theta`d`theta`

Updated On: 5-4-2021

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Time Transcript
00:00 - 00:59 hello guys the question is a integration from lower limit is 0 an upper limit is pi by 2 and the function is root of cos theta multiply with sin cube theta detector now here we know that sin square theta + cos square theta equal to 1 so we can write sin square theta is equal to 1 minus cos square theta in our integration of 0 to pi by 2 root over cos theta and we can write sin square theta multiply sin theta deta now we can write 0 to pi by 2 root over cos theta and sin square theta we can write a diary 1 - cos square theta and sin theta deta now now we take cos theta is equal to T not differentiate on both
01:00 - 01:59 side you will get minus sin theta theta is equal to DP now put the value of theta is equal to 1 by sin theta minus sin theta now here we get 0 to 5 by 2 and root over cos theta is we can write root 3 and 1 - cos square theta by 1 minus A square and multiply digitised by minus sin theta sin theta x minus sin theta so sin theta sin theta cancel and we will get - of 0 to pi by 2 and root tea and 1 - 30 square DT now you know that we assume cos theta is equal to 3 not change the value of limit that is put cause jio 40 is equal to chhutti
02:00 - 02:59 chhutti is equal to 1 and now Cos pi by 2 Cos pi by 2 is equal to 3 is equal to zero now we change the limit according to tea so that is 120 - of root 3 and minus 3 1 by 2 + Tu that is dirty that is DDT so it is equal to minus of 120 and T power 1 by 2 minus 3 power that is 4 + 1 is 5 by 2 DP now integration of x power n is equal to x power n + 1 / and + 1 + c so it is equal to minus
03:00 - 03:59 120 and integration is this is the interval and integration becomes the power 1 by 2 + 1 is 3 by 2 and 3 by 2 minus of T1 5 by 2 + 1 is 7 by 27 vi to so this is the integration of our function now put the now this is equal to minus put so it is equal to zero 0 and when you put the upper limit that we comes with zero because here is the and here is it so it becomes zero and minus of minus of t 3 by 2 minus of T 72 72 now put the limit as one so when you put the limit here as
04:00 - 04:59 1 this is power 3 by 2 you will get + of 2 by 3 minus of 27 now this is equal to this is equal to taking LCM 21 you will get for 3 - 6 that is equal to 8 by 21 so our answer is 8 by 21 thank you
Evaluate: `int_0^(pi//2)sqrt(costheta)sin^3theta` `d theta`
Find: `int_0^(pi/2)sin^3theta d theta`
??? ?????? ??? : `int_0^(pi/2)(sin^3theta)/(sin^3theta+cos^3theta)d theta`
`int_0^(pi/2)sin^2thetacos^3theta d theta`
`(sin^3theta-cos^3theta)/(sintheta-costheta)-(costheta)/(sqrt(1+cot^2theta))-2tanthetacottheta=-1` if `theta in (0,pi/2)` (b) `theta in (pi/2,pi)` `theta in (pi,(3pi)/2)` (d) `theta in ((3pi)/2,2pi)`
Evaluate: `intsin^3(theta/2)/(cos(theta/2)sqrt(cos^3theta+cos^2theta+costheta))d theta`
Evaluate: `intsin^3(theta/2)/(cos(theta/2)sqrt(cos^3theta+cos^2theta+costheta))d theta`
Evaluate the following integral: `int_0^(pi//2)(sintheta)/(sqrt(1+costheta))d theta`
Evaluate the following integral: `int_0^(pi//2)(sintheta)/(sqrt(1+costheta))d theta`
If `x=sqrt(3)(3 sin theta+sin 3theta), y=sqrt(3)(3 sin theta+cos 3 theta)`, find `(d^(2)y)/(dx^(2))` at `theta=(pi)/(3)`.
??? ?????? ???:`int_0^frac{pi}{4} tan^3theta d theta`
பின்வரும் வரையறுத்த தொகையிடலின் மதிப்பு காண்க : `int_0^frac{pi}{2}sqrt(costheta)sin^3thetad theta`
যদি `r=2(1-costheta)` হয়, তবে দেখাও যে, `int_0^pi sqrt(r^2+((dr)/(d theta))^2)d theta=8 `
যদি `sin^3theta+sintheta*costheta+cos^3theta=1` হয় তাহলে `theta`-এর মান হবে―
Eliminate `theta` and `phi`<br>`sintheta+costheta=a`, `sin^3theta+cos^3theta=b`

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