Evaluate `int x cos x dx.`

Updated On: 5-5-2021

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I=x sinx-int 1.sinx dx = x sin x + cos x+C


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00:00 - 00:59 hello SBI evaluate integration of x cos x dx now where we use integration by parts and we know that integration of you be equal to you integration of the DX - integration of du by DX into integration of weed into DX now to choose which function is you and which function is we we use the formula of Allah I sorry l a t a so this is a dramatic sorry techno metric this is algebraic now sofa
01:00 - 01:59 we can say that this is function is you and calls function is be like be simply integrate this we can get say that X integration of cos x minus differentiation of x into integration of cos x dx into DX should also be DX now we solve this we get X integration of cos x sin x minus integration of 1 into decoration of cos x sin x dx now if we integrate this function x sin x minus integration of sin x minus cos x + c is constant
02:00 - 02:59 now this can be written as x sin x + cos x + c so guys this is the required answer I hope you guys like it thank you

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Very Important Questions

FAQs on Indefinite Integral

A function


is called a primitive of


; if

phi'(x) = f(x)

Some important formulas of integration

Examples of integration: (i)





d/dx(int f(x) dx) = f(x)

The integral of the product of a constant and a function = the constant x integral of function

int {f(x) pm g(x)} dx = int f(x) dx pm int g(x) dx

Geometrical interpretation of indefinite integral

Comparison between differentiation and integration

By substitution: Theorem: If

int f(x) dx = phi(x)


int f(ax+b) dx = 1/a phi(ax + b)dx


1/ (cos3x+1) dx


1/((sqrt (x+a) + sqrt (x+b))) dx

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