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Question From class 11 Chapter ELLIPSE

Equation of ellipse in its standard equation

Equation of parabola in its standard form
Write the equation of ellipse in standard form.
find the equation of ellipse in the standard form if passes through the points and
Equation of hyperbola in standard form
Standard equation of circle
Find the equation of the ellipse in the standard form whose distance between foci is and the length of latus rectum is
PARABOLA | STANDARD EQUATION OF PARABOLA | Conic section introduction, Condition to represent pair of lines circle and conic, Analytical definition of parabola, Equation of parabola in its standard form, Various results of standard equation of parabola, Tabular representation of all standard forms of parabolas, Parabola with axis parallel to coordinate axis, Position of point with respect to parabola , Parabolic curve
If an ellipse has its foci at and and its length of the latus rectum is then the equation of the ellipse is:
Find the equation of the ellipse
If the focal distance of an end of the mirror axis of standard ellipse is k and distance between its foci is , then find its eqautin.
The co-ordinates of a focus of an ellipse is (4,0) and its eccentricity is Its equation is :
In the standard ellipse, the lines joining the ends of the minor axis to one focus are at right angles. The distance between the focus and the nearer vertex is . The equation of the ellipse
The length of the major axis of an ellipse is 20 units and its foci are <br> Find the equation of the ellipse.
The eccentricity of an ellipse with its centre at the origin is . If one of the directrices is x = 4 , then the equation of ellipse is
Convert the following equation of ellipse into standard from . <br> (i) <br> (ii)

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Ellipse Introduction

Equation of ellipse in its standard equation

Various result of Ellipse :- Vertices; major and minor axis ; focii directrix and center

Various results of ellipse when y-axis is major axis

Equation of an ellipse whose axes are parallel to co-ordinate axes and center is

Some important terms of ellipse :- Ordinate; Double ordinate ;latus rectum.

Position of a point with respect to ellipse

Ellipse with axis not parallel to coordinate axis

Relation between all the terms of ellipse and major- minor axis when axis is not parallel to co ordinate axes

Auxiliary circle and eccentric angle

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