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Draw a diagram to represent a cube. Label its vertices as Now write the names of its faces and edges.

Draw a diagram to represent a cuboid. Label its vertices as Now write the names of its faces and edges.
Edges line segments common to intersecting faces of a polyhedron are known as its edges.
Statement If represents the faces, edges and vertices of a polyhedron respectively then Statement The number of edges of a solid having 8 faces and 12 vertices are 20
Draw any circle and mark (a) its centre     (b) a radius (c) a diameter  (d) a sector (e) a segment   (f) a point in its interior (g) a point in its exterior    (h) an arc
Draw a Venn diagram to represent the following three facts (i) (ii) and (iii)
Fill in the blanks to make the following statements true: A cuboid has .......... vertices. A cuboid has .......... edges A cuboid has .......... faces. The number of lateral faces of a cuboid is ......... A cuboid all of whose edges are equal is called a ......... Two adjacent faces of a cuboid meet in a line segment called its ......... Each edge of a cuboid can be obtained as a line segment in which two ......... meet. ......... edges of a cube (or cuboid) meet at each of its vertices. A ......... is a cuboid in which all the six faces are squares. The three concurrent edges of a cuboid meet at a point called the ......... of the cuboid.
The dimensions of a cuboid with vertices are as shown in Figure. Which edges are of length 4cm? Which edges are of length 5cm? Which faces have area equal to Which faces have the largest area? What is this largest area? Which faces have a diagonal equal to What is the area of the base of this cuboid? Do all the lateral faces have the same area?
If , find the complements of the following sets : (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)
Vertices points of intersection of edges of a polyhedron are known as its vertices.
?? ??????? ???? ?? ???????, ??????? ??? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? v,e ?? f ?? ????? ???? ???? ?? ?? ?? ??? ???? ?????
In fig. are parallel to each other and are parallel to each other. If then the value of area area is equal to b. c. d.
Write as fractions in lowest terms. (a) 0.60     (b) 0.05      (c) 0.75    (d) 0.18     (e) 0.25     (f) 0.125  (g) 0.066
Consider and defined as , , , ,
In Fig. 4.103, and are respectively the medians of and . If , prove that (FIGURE) (ii) (iii)
If draw an arrow diagram to represent .

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Cuboid --a cuboid is a solid bounded by six rectangular plane regions.

Faces Fig. 16.1 is made of six rectangular plane regions namely ABCDEFGH CGFB AEFB and CDHG. These six rectangular plane regions are six faces of the cuboid shown in Fig. 16. 1.

Edges any two adjacent faces of a cuboid meet in a line segment which is called an edge of the cuboid.

Vertex for any two edges that meet at an end-point there is a third edge that also meets them at that end-point. This point of intersection of three edges of a cuboid is called a vertex of the cuboid.

Base and lateral faces any face of a cuboid may be called the base of the cuboid. In that case the faces which meet the base are called the lateral faces of the cuboid.

Solid cuboid a solid cuboid or a cuboid or a cuboidal region in the part of space bounded by the xis faces of a cuboid.

Cube a cuboid whose length breadth and height are all equal is called a cube.

Solid cube a solid cube is the part of the space enclosed by the six faces of the cube.

Axis the line segment joining the centres of two bases is called the axis of the cylinder.

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