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Question From class 11 Chapter PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS

Distribution of n things among r persons with all possible scenario

PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS | MISCELLANEOUS | Problem Related to Deck of Cards, Polygon Problem, No. of possible Intersection Points between lines ,Circles, No of new lines formed by intersection points of All non parallel lines , No. of square rectangle parallelogram formed when m parallel & n parallel line intersect, No. of 4 letter words chosen from word with repeated letters, Rank of a word SPAIN in Dictionary, Distribution of n things among r persons with all possible scenario, Exponent of any number in n!
Find the number of ways to distribute 15 identical things among four persons if each gets at least two things.
In how many ways 16 identical things can be distributed among 4 persons if each person gets atleast 3 things.
Number of ways in which 25 identical things be distributed among five persons if each gets odd number of things is
Among all cyclic quadrilaterals inscribed in a circle of radius R with one of its angles equal to . Consider the one with maximum possible area. Its area is-
Let m denote the number of ways in which 4 different books are distributed among 10 persons, each receiving none or one only and let n denote the number of ways of distribution if the books are all alike. Then
If the number of ways in which n different things can be distributed among n persons so that at leastone person does not get any thing is 232. Then n is equal to
The number of permutations all together of n things when r specified things are to be in an assigned order, though not necessarily consecutive is
The combinatorial coefficient C(n, r) can not be equal to the (A) number of possible subsets of r members from a set of n distinct members. (B) number of possible binary messages of length n with exactly r 1's. (C) number of non decreasing 2-D paths from the lattice point (0,0) to (r, n) (D) number selecting r things out of n different things when a particular thing is always included plus of ways of the number of ways of selecting r things out of n, when a particular thing is always excluded.
In how many ways 12 different things can be divided equally among 3 persons? Also find in how many ways can these 12 things be divided in three sets each having 4 things.
Number of ways in which 30 identical things are distributed among six persons is a.C(17,5) if each gets odd number of things b.C(16,11) if each gets odd number of things c) C(14,5) if each gets even number of things (excluding 0) d. C(15,10)if each gets even number of things (excluding 0)
In how many different ways may 12 things, 4 each of three varieties be distributed equally among two persons? Things of the same variety are assumed to be identical.
When C.P of n things is equal to S.P. of r things then Profit or loss percent.
The no. of all permutation of n distinct things taken all at a time is
Notation + theorem :- Let r and n be the positive integers such that . Then no. of all permutations of n distinct things taken r at a time is given by

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