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Question From class 12 Chapter THREE DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY

Direction cosine and ratio of line

Angle Between Two vectors in terms of direction cosine and direction ratio
If the difficulty ratio of a line is 1,3,5 yes, then find its cosine (cosine).
Find the direction cosine of a line passing through origin and the point
Write the direction cosine of the line whose Cartesian equations are
Direction Cosine
The direction cosine of a line are proportional to 1,2,3, the projection of line segment on line which joins point
Angle between line if relation between direction cosine is given
If a line has direction ratios , determine its direction cosines.
If a line makes angle , and with the positive direction of x, y and z-axis respectively, find its direction cosines.
VECTOR ALGEBRA | VECTOR JONING TWO POINTS, DIRECTION COSINES AND DIRECTION RATIOS | Position vector in 2 dimensional plane and 3 dimensional plane, Components of vector joining two point in 2 and 3 dimensional plane, Direction cosines, Direction ratios, Direction cosines of of a vector, Direction ratio of the line segment joining two points, Two parallel vectors have proportional direction ratios and representation of vector in terms of direction ratios., Projection of vector along coordinate axes; if direction cosine is given
find the direction cosine of joining vector
If the direction ratio of a line is Then what are the direction cosines of the line
यदि एक रेखा x,y तथा z-अक्षो की धनात्मक दिशा के साथ तथा का कोण बनाती है! तो रेखा की दिक्-कोज्याएँ ज्ञात कीजिए
Direction ratio of the line segment joining two points
Find the direction of a line whose direction ratio are .

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Coordinates of point in space; sign of coordinates of a point

Distance formula in 3D

Section formula (internal + external)

The x coordinates of a point on the line joining the points Q(2; 2; 1) and R(5; 1; -2) is 4. Find its z coordinate.

Direction cosine and ratio of line

Direction Ratio of line along the bisector of two given lines

Find the distance of the point P(a; b; c) from the x axis

Angle Between Two vectors in terms of direction cosine and direction ratio

Condition of parallel and perpendicular lines

Find the angle between the lines whose direction cosines are given by the equations and