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Question From class 11 Chapter HYPERBOLA

Difference of Focal radii of any point is equal to the length of major axis

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Theorem:-The sum of the focal diatances of any point on an ellipse is constant and equal to the length of the major axis of the ellipse.
Length of the focal chord of the ellipse which is inclined to the major axis at angle is
Find the equation of the ellipse in which length of minor axis is equal to distance between focies given length of latus rectum is 10 unit. And major axis is along the x axis.
Length of major axis 26, foci
When distant between their centres is equal to the difference of the radii.
IfN is the foot of the pcrpendicular drawn from any point P on the ellipse z (a b) to PV its major axis AA then AN A N
S is one focus of an ellipse and P is any point on the ellipse. Ifthe maximum and minimum values of SP are m and n respectively, then the length of semi major axis is
The locus of the mid-point of the focal radii of avariable point moving on the parabola, is C, then the length of latus rectum of C, is
is a normal chord of the parabola at being the vertex of the parabola. Through P a line is drawn parallel to meeting the x-axis in R. Then the length of is : (A) equal to the length of the latus rectum (B) equal to the focal distance of the point P (C) equal to the twice of the focal distance of the point P (D) equal to the distance of the point P from the directrix.
PQ is a normal chord of the parabola y 2 =4ax at P, A being the vertex of the parabola. Through P, a line is down parallel to AQ meeting the x-axis at R. Then the line length of AR is (A) equal to the length of the latus rectum (B)equal to the focal distance of the point  P   (C) equal to twice the focal distance of the point  P   (D) equal to the distance of the point  P  from the directrix.
If the length of focal chord of is then find the angle between the axis of the parabola and the focal chord.
In an ellipse, its foci and the ends of its major axis are equally spaced. If the length of its semi-minor is them the length of its semi-major axis is
Find the lengths of and the equations to the focal radii drawn to the point of the ellipse
Consider the ellipse that satisfies the following properties: major axis is vertical , length of major axis is twice the length of the minor axis , graph passes through the vertex of the parabola with equation . Find an equation of the ellipse. Find the center-to-focus distance of the ellipse.
Equation of the ellipse whose foci are and the major axis is of length is
If the tangent at any point of the ellipse makes an angle with the major axis and an angle with the focal radius of the point of contact, then show that the eccentricity of the ellipse is given by
If and are the lengths of the perpendiculars from any points on an ellipse to the major and minor axis and if a and b are lengths of semi-major and semi-minor axis respectively, then
The length ofthe normal (terminated by the major axis) at a point of the ellipse is
Length of focal chord drawn at point of parabola is

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Difference of Focal radii of any point is equal to the length of major axis

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P is a point on the hyperbola ; N is a foot of perpendicular from P on the transverse axis . The tangent to hyperbola at P meets the transeverse axis at T . If O is the center of the hyperbola ; then find the value of .

Equation of normal of hyperbola

Some important points related to equation of normal to hyperbola

Equation of chord joining points and

If and are the ends of the focal chord of then prove that

Equation of chord whose midpoint is

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If the angles between assymptotes of hyperbola is then

A hyperbola and its conjugate have the same asymptotes

The assymptotes pass through the centre of the hyperbola

The perpendicular from the foci on either asymptote meets it at the same point as the corresponding directrix and the common points of intersection lie on the auxiliary circle

If from any points on the asymptotes, a straight line is drawn perpendicular to the transverse axis , the product of the segments of this line intercepted between the point and the curve is always equal to the square of the semi conjugate axis.

If a hyperbola passing through the origin has and as its asymptotes then find the equations of its transverse and conjugate axes

Find the equations of the asymptotes of the hyperbola

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The eccentricity of rectangular hyperbola is

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The slope of tangent at point is

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The equation of normal at point whose parameter is t

The equation of tangent at

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