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Question From class 8 Chapter MENSURATION

Diagram of the adjacent picture frame has outer dimensions inner dimensions Find the area of each section of the frame, if the width of each section is same.

Area of segment 1 and segment 3 =1/2*sum of opposite sides*distance between them.<br> =1/2*(24+16)*4<br> =80 <br> Area of segment 2 and segment 4 =1/2*sum of opposite sides*distance between them.<br> =1/2*(28+20)*4<br> =96cm^2.

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The adjacent figure shows the diagram of a picture frame having outer dimensions 28 cm x 32 cm and inner dimensions 20 cm x 24 cm If the width of each section is the same find the area of each section of the frame
The dimensions of a photographs are What length of wooden frame is needed to frame the picture?
Find the dimensions of the prayer hall discussed in Section 4.1.
A metal pipe is 77 cm long. The inner diameter of a cross section is 4 cm, the outer diameter being 4.4 cm.  Find its (i) inner curved surface area, (ii) outer curved surface area, (iii) total surface area
A metal pipe is 77cm long. The inner diameter of a cross section is 4cm, the outer diameter being 4.4 cm. Find its inner curved surface area outer curved surface area   (iii)  total surface area
The inner diameter of a cylindrical wooden pipe is 24cm and its outer diameter is 28cm. The length of the pipe is 35cm. Find the mass of the pipe, if of wood has a mass of 0.6 gm.
The inner diameter of a cylindrical wooden pipe is 24 cm and its outer diameter is 28 cm. The length of the pipe is 35 cm. Find the mass of the pipe, if 1 cm3 of wood has a mass of 0.6 g.
In the diagram , altitude . The area of the parallelogram
A door-frame of dimensions fixed on the wall imension Find the total labour charges for painting the wall if the labour charges for painting of the wall is
Find the area of a rhombus, each side of which measures 20 cm and one of whose diagonals is 24 cm.
The dimensions of a wall 5m, 4m, 3m. If dimensions of each brick is 25 cm, 20cm and 15cm, then the number of bricks used to construct the wall is
A steel farme ^(@)C^(-1) 60cm 0.02cm^(2) 20^(@)C 40^(@)C
A metal pipe is 77cm long. The inner diameter of a cross section is 4cm, the outer diameter being 4.4 cm. Find its inner curved surface area. outer curved surface area. total surface area.
A wire of length 16 cm is bent to form a rectangle. Find the dimensions of the rectangle so that it has the maximum area
Shanti Sweets Stall was placing an order for making cardboard boxes for packing their sweets. Two sizes of boxes were required. The bigger of dimensions and the smaller of dimensions For all the overlap in total surface area 5% is required extra. If the cost of the cardboard is Rs 4 for Find the cost of the cardboard for 250 boxes
A cube has three holes each of cross-section running from the centre of each face to the centre of the opposite face. The total surface area (in ) of the solid so obtained is
A window frame has one diagonal longer than the other. Is the window frame a rectangle? Why or why not?
A racetrack is in the form of a ring whose inner circumference is 352 m and outer circumference is 396 m.Find the width and the area of the track.
In the diagram below, the outer circle has radius 3, and the inner circle has radius 2. The triangle is isosceles with the sides not touching the smaller cirale be equal.Then square of the area of darkened region is

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Various units of measurement of area.

Area and perimeters of various plane.

The cost of turfing a rectangular field at 85 paise per square metre is Rs 624.75. Find the perimeter of the field if its sides are in the ratio 5 : 3.

The base of a parallelogram is thrice its height . If the area is 867 find the base and height of the parallelogram.

Find the area of a rhombus having each side equal to 13 cm and one of whose diagonals is 24 cm.

An ant is moving around a few food pieces of different shapes scattered on the floor. For which food-piece would the ant have to take a longer round? Remember, circumference of a circle can be obtained by using the expression where r is the radius of the circle.

Base each of the two parallel sides of a trapezium is called a base of the trapezium.

Height or altitude the distance between the two bases (parallel sides ) is called the height or altitude of the trapezium.

Area of trapezium ABCD.

The area of the trapezium is 105 and its height is 7 cm. If one of the parallel sides is longer than the by 6 cm find the two parallel sides.

The parallel sides DC and AB of a trapezium are 12 cm and 36 cm respectively. Its non-parallel sides are each equal to 15 cm. Find the area of the trapezium.

Area of a polygon


Cuboid - A cuboid is a solid bounded by six rectangular plane regions.

Faces figure 21.2

edges any two adjacent of a cuboid meet in a line segment which is called an edge of the cuboid.

Vertex for any two edges that meet at an end-point there is a third edge that also meets them at that end -point . This point of intersection of three edges of a cuboid is called a vertex of the cuboid .

Base and lateral faces any face of a cuboid may be called the base of the cuboid. In that case the four faces which meet the base are called the lateral faces of the cuboid.

Solid cuboid a solid cuboid or a cuboid or a cuboidal region in the part of space bounded by the xis faces of a cuboid.

Cube a cuboid whose length breadth and height are all equal is called a cube.

Solid cube a solid cube is the part of the space enclosed by the six faces of the cube.

Space regions

Volume the magnitude of the space region of a body is called its volume.

A standard unit of volume

Volume V of a cuboid of length =l cm breadth =b cm and height = h cm is given by V = .

Remark 1 while finding the volume of a cuboid its length breadth and height must be expressed in the same units.

Volume V of a cube of edge lcm is given by V = .

volume and capacity.

A cuboidal vessel is 10 cm long and 8 cm wide. How high must it be made to hold 480 cubic centimetres of a liquid ?

Three cubes of sides 3 cm and 5 cm are melted and a new cube is formed. Find the side of the new cube.

Litre or cubic decimetre the volume of the solid region formed by a cube of side 1 decimetre (dm) is called a litre or a cubic decimetre .

Metre cube and cubic metre the solid region formed by a cube of side 1 m is called a metre cube and its volume is 1 cubic metre .

Cubic millimetre the volume of a solid cubical region of side 1 mm is called a cubic millimetre .

Surface of the cuboid.

Surface area of a cube.

The dimensions of a cuboid are in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 3 and its total surface area is .Find the dimensions.

The measures of a textbook are . It is to be covered with a brown paper. If each book requires of more paper for folding how much paper is required to wrap 85 such textbooks ?

Surface area of the four walls .

A swimming pool is in length, in breadth, and in depth. Find the cost of cementing its floor and walls at the rate of per square metre.

Length of a class-room is two times its height and its breadth is times its height. The cost of white-washing the walls at the rate of is Find the cost of tiling the floor at the rate of

If the volume of a cube is , then find the total surface area of cube?

The length of a cold storage is double its breadth. Its height is The area of its four walls (including doors) is Find its volume.

The sum of length, breadth and depth of a cuboid is and the length of its deagonal is Find the surface area of the cuboid.

Find the number of bricks, each measuring 25 cm, 12.5 cm and 7.5 cm required to construct a wall 6 m long , 5 m high and 50 cm thick, while the cement and sand mixture occupies of the volume of the wall.

A room is half as long as it is broad. The cost of carpenting the room at Rs. 3.25 per is rs 175.50 and the cost of papering the walls is Rs 240.80. If 1 door and 2 windows occupy , Find the dimension of room.

Right Circular Cylinder

Axis the line segment joining the centres of two bases is called the axis of the cylinder.

An alternative definition of a right circular cylinder a solid generated by the revolution of a rectangle about one of its sides is called a right circular cylinder.

Base each of the circular ends on which the cylinder rests is called its base.

Radius the radius of the circular bases is called the radius of the cylinder.

Height the length of the axis of the cylinder is called the height of the cylinder.

Lateral surface the curved surface joining the two bases of a right circular cylinder is called its lateral surface.

Area of the lateral surface of the cylinder.

Total surface area sq.

Surface area of each base sq. units.

Curved (lateral) surface area = (External surface area)+(Internal surface area)= sq. units.

Total surface area .

The ratio between the curved surface area and the total surface area of a right circular cylinder is 1:2. Find the ratio between the height and radius of the cylinder.

A rectangular sheat of paper is a rolled along its length and a cylinder is formed. Find the radius of the cylinder.

Volume of a cylinder.

A well with 10 m inside diameter is dug 14m deep .Earth taken out of it is spread all around to a width of 5 m to form an embankment. Find the height of embankment.

A hollow cylindrical pipe is 21 dm long. Its outer and inner diameters are 10 cm and 6 cm respectively. Find the volume of the copper used in making the pipe.