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Question From class 12 Chapter PROBABILITY

Determine in :Two coins are tossed once, where(i) E: tail appears on one coin, F : one coin shows head(ii) E : no tail appears, F : no head appears

Two coins are tossed once. Find in each of the following : (i) Tail appears on one coin, One coin shows head. (ii) No tail appears, No head appears.
A box contains three coins two of them are fair and one two-headed. A ceim is selected atrandom and tossed. If the head appears the coin is tossed again, if a tail appears, then amerlercoin is selected from the remaining coins and tossed. (i) Find the probability that head appears twice.(ii) If the same coin is tossed twice. find the probability that it is two headed coin.(iii) Find the probability that tail appears twice.
A coin is tossed 200 times and it was found that head appears 72 times and tail appears 128 times. If a coin is tossed at random, what is the probabiltity of getting (i) a head (ii) a tail?
Three fair coins are tossed. If both heads and tail appear, then determine the probability that exactly one head appears
Determine in : A coin is tossed three times, where (i) E : Head on third toss, F : heads on first two tosses (ii) E : at least two heads, F : at most two heads (iii) E : at most two tails, F : at least one tail
A coin is tossed 40 times and head appears 25 times. What is the probability of getting a tail.
A coin is tossed three times, consider the following events. A : ‘No head appears’, B: ‘Exactly one head appears’ and C: ‘Atleast two appear’. Do they form a set of mutually exclusive and exhaustive events?
Determine P (E|F) in : A die is thrown three times, E : 4 appears on the third toss,     F: 6 and 5 appears respectively                                                       on first two tosses
A coin is tossed three times. Find in each of the following: (i) Head on the third toss, Heads on first two tosses (ii) At least two heads, At most two heads (iii) At most two tails, At least one tail
A fair coin is tossed repeatedly. If tail appears on first four tosses, then find the probability of head appearing on fifth toss.
Two unbiased coins are tossed simultaneously. Find the probability of getting two head                             (ii)   one head one tail                               (iv)   at least one head at most one head                 (vi)   no head
A coin is tossed until a head appears or the tail appears 4 times in succession. Find the probability distribution of the number of tosses.
If a coin is tossed four times then the probability that head appears at least once is
Finding the probability of getting at most one head (tail) / exactly two head(tail) if two coins are tossed
Two coins are tosses simultaneously. Find the probability of getting: <br> (i) one head <br> (ii) at least one head <br> (iii) no tail
Three coins are tossed together. Find the probability of getting: exactly two heads                       (ii)  at least two heads at least one head and one tail     (iv)    no tails
Three coins are tossed once. Find the probability of getting: all heads (ii) at least two heads (iii) at most two heads (iv)  no heads    (v) exactly one tail    (vi) exactly 2 tails (vii) a head on first coin.
The probability that exactly one head appears in a single throw of two fair coins is
In one toss of a coin, find the probability of getting: <br> (i) head (ii) tail

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