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Question From class 14 Chapter GEOMETRY AND CO-ORDINATE

एक समबाहु त्रिभुजा हे, बिंदु भुजा AB,BC,CA के बिंदु हे, तब

PQR must be an equilateral triangle


PQR must be a right angled

PQR must be a right angled triangle

Answer :


Solution :

According to question, <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RKY_MATH_C12_E01_184_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Given, P,Q and R the mid points of AB, BC and AC <br> and <br> and PR <br> and RQ = (mid point threom) <br> is an equilateral triangle

Which of the following is the X-regulator of the point of intersection of &#39;more type&#39; and &#39;less type&#39; archway?
D and E are two points on the sides AB and AC respectively, thus AD = 2 cm, BD = 3 cm, BC = 7.5 cm and Then DE =
at the vertices of an equilateral with a side Point charges are placed. What will be the intensity of the sphere at the center of the triangle? What will be the potential voltage?
In, the arm AB is divided by P. And , Is a point Q on AC. And Is Find the ratio of the area of the trapezoid and the trapezium BPQC.
Three point charges - 2q, + q and + q are placed on the three corners of an equilateral triangle. Find the valid dipole moment of an adjustment.
A parallelogram is ABCD, there is a point P on the side BC and when DP is increased, it meets AB at point L then prove that <br> (i) <br> (Ii)
Homogeneous point charges of equal magnitude Q lie at the vertices of an equilateral triangle. Find the resultant force on the q charge at the centroid of the triangle. Let the length of each side of the triangle be a.
एक समबाहु त्रिभुजा हे, बिंदु भुजा AB,BC,CA के बिंदु हे, तब
Prove that point and Is the vertex of an equilateral triangle.
One In which Cm, Cm and Cm, Make a triangle similar to The corresponding side of Is guni.
The side of an equilateral triangle ABC is a, then find its height.
when A charge of is brought from point P to Q. Then Work has to be done if the potential of point P is -3000 V, then find the potential of Q
One In If And Then Find all trigonometric values of.
The side of a point P is twice its degree if point P And Find the coordinates of P when it is equal to.
If vector The sides of the triangle ABC form BC, CA and AB then -

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