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Question From class 7 Chapter THE TRIANGLE AND ITS PROPERTIES

is right-angled at If find the length of

According to Pythagoras theorem <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> .

In a ; right angled at A; If AB=5;AC=12 and BC=13; find sin B;cosC and tanB
In , is right - angled . If AB= 1 cm , AC =3 cm and BC = cm , then find the values of cos B and sin C.
????? ??????? ABC ?? A ?? ????? ?? ?? BL ??? CM ???????? ?? ??? BC = 5 ?? ??, ??? BL = cm ??, ?? cm ?? ?????? ????? ????
is a triangle right angled at If find
is a right triangle right angled at A such that and bisector of intersects the side AB at D. Prove that .
In a , right angled at if find
Construct a right triangle, right angled at in which and
In the adjoining figure, is right-angled at B and . If AC = 3 cm, find
2. ABC is a triangle, right-angled at B. If AB =15 m, BC = 8 m, find AC.
EXAMPLE 12 Triangle ABC is isosceles with The height from A to BC i.e. AD is 6 cm. Find the area of What will be the height from C to AB ?
????? ??????? ABC ??? AB = 5 cm ??? BC = 12 cm ??? ?? ????? ????? ?? ???????? ????? ????
In Fig. 4.192, is a right triangle right-angled at . and are the two medians drawn from and respectively. If and , find the length of . (FIGURE)
In cm and cm. what is the possible length of AC ?
In a , right angled at , if and , find: (i) and (ii) and
is a right angled triangle with circle is inscribed in this triangle. The radius of the circle,in cm, is:
In the given figure is right angled at A. Semicircles are drawn on AB, BC and AC as diameters. It is given that AB=3 cm and AC=4cm then find the area of the shaded region
In a right angled triangle , Length of side in in cm is
In the given figure,ABC is a right angled triangle in which ,AB=21 cm and AC=28 cm.Semi-circles are drawn on AB, BC and AC as diameters. Find the area of shaded region.

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TRIANGLE A plane figure formed by three non-parallel line segments is called a triangle.

SIDES The three line segments that form the triangle are called the sides of the triangles

ANGLES The three angles are called the angles of .

ELEMENTS OR PARTS The three sides and three angles of a are together called the six parts or elements of the

INTERIOR The part made up by all such points P which are enclosed by is called the interior of

EXTERIOR The part made up by all such points Q which are not enclosed by is called the exterior of .

TRIANGULAR REGION The interior of together with the itself is called the triangular region .

Naming of triangles by considering the lengths of their sides scalene triangle A triangle whole no two sides are equal is called a scalene triangle.

ISOSCELES TRIANGLE A triangle whose two sides are equal is called an isosceles triangle.

EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE A triangle whose all sides are equal to one another is called an equilateral triangle.

Naming triangles by considering the measures of their angles acute triangle A triangle whose all the angles are acute is called an acute-angled triangle or an acute triangle.

RIGHT TRIANGLE A triangle whole one angle is a right angle is called a right-angled triangle or right triangle.

OBTUSE TRIANGLE A triangle whose one angle is obtuse is called an obtuse-angled triangle or an obtuse triangle.

Perimeter of a triangle

The sum of the angles of a triangle is two right angles or

(i) A triangle cannot have more than one right angle.

(ii) A triangle cannot have more than one obtuse angle i.e. if one angle of a triangle is obtuse then the other two are acute.

(iii) In a right triangle the other two angles are acute and their sum is .

EXTERIOR ANGLE If the side BC of a triangle

Interior opposite angles

Interior adjacent angles

THEOREM (Exterior Angle Property of a Triangle) : If a side of a triangle is produced the exterior angle so formed is equal to the sum of two interior opposite angles.

Property The sum of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the third side.

Three line segments whose lengths are equal to three given numbers form the sides of a triangle if the sum of the lengths of every pair of two of these is greater than the length of the third.

In a triangle the angle opposite the largest side is the largest.

STATEMENT In a right triangle the square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of its remaining two sides.

COROLLARY 1 If is right triangle right angled at C such that

If the square of one side of a triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides then the triangle is a right triangle with the angle opposite the first sides as right angle.

There positive numbers a b c in this order are said to form a pythagorean triplet if

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