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Define an elementary event.

Updated On: 19-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59 so and elementary event week and I know it as a single event also so it can be denoted as a single event so single event means we can have only one experiment at a time and single outcome will occur and we have only single outcome so single will occur for example tossing a coin in coin we are performing by tossing a coin we are performing a single event it is a single event because we can get outcomes as heads or tails so we have
01:00 - 01:59 single outcome for this event it can be termed as an elementary event and for example not and elementary event will be tossing a coin plus rolling a dice at the same time so these are not the elementary events because in this case we have outcomes as has won had to had three heads for heads 5 head 6 similarly tales want Tales to tell 3 up to 6 show it is not an elementary went to this will not be an elementary event and elementary vintage one which have only one experiment at a time and with
02:00 - 02:59 single outcome shows thank you
Define an elementary event.
Elementary Event
Elementary Event
Elementary Event
P(`barA`)=(Favourable number of elementary events to event `bar A`) / (Total number of elementary events).
Favourable elementary event
favorable elementary events
Elementary event sample space and examples
Examples || Elementary event || Impossible event || Same event || Exhaustive Event || Exclusive event
Occurrence of an event
Write the sum of the probabilities of all the elementary events of an experiment.
The sum of the probabilities of all the elementary events of an experiment is ____.
The sum of the probabilities of all the elementary events of an experiment is……..

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