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Question From class 8 Chapter COMPARING QUANTITIES

Cost price The amount paid to purchase an articles or the price at which an article is made is known as its cost price.

The cost price of an article is 25% below the marked price,If the article is available at 15% discount and its cost price is Rs 2,400"; find :(i) its marked price (ii) its selling price (iii) the profit percent.
Mahesh sold an article for Rs 39 and obtained profit percentage which is numerically equal to its cost price (in rupees) .Find the cost price of the article
A dealer sells an article for Rs. 24 and gains as much percent as the cost price of the article. Find the cost price of the article.
Profit If the selling price (S.P.) of an article is greater than the cost price (C.P.) the difference between the selling price and cost price is called profit.
A dealer sells an article for Rs. 75 and gains as much per cent as the cost price of the article. Find the cost price of the article.
The ratio of cost price to the selling price of an article is 5 : 6. If 20% discount is offered on marked price of the article then marked price is what percent more than cost price?
The selling price of an article is times that of its cost price. The gain per cent is
Loss: If the selling price (S.P.) of an article is less than the cost price (C.P) the difference between the cost price (C.P.) and selling price (S.P.) is called loss.
The selling price of article is Rs 39. If numerical value of profit percent is equal to cost price then find the cost price of the article
Selling price The price at which an article is sold is known as its selling price. The selling price is abbreviated as S.P.
If 10% profit is achieved by selling an article at ? 1001, then find its cost price.
Cost price of article A is Rs 200 more than the cost price of article B. Article A was sold at 10% loss and article B was sold at 25% profit. If the overall profit earned after selling both the articles is 4%, then what is the cost price of article B?
A profit of 10% can be made by selling an article for ?759. The cost price of the article is
If the selling price of 10 articles is the same as the cost price of 12 articles, find gain percent.
Profit percentage is numerically equal to the cost price of an article on selling it for Rs 31.25 Find the cost price.

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