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Question From class 11 Chapter VIDEO BLOG

Correct Way of Choice Filling in JOSAA 2019 Counselling !

JOSAA 2019 Counselling | Registration and Choice Filling | Important Update on Counselling Dates
JOSAA 2019 Counselling | Seat Allotment Round 1
JOSAA 2019 Counselling | Seat Allotment Round 1
JOSAA Counselling 2019 | Important Update on Seat Matrix for IIT,NIT, IIIT, GFTI
Computer Science in NIT or Chemical-Mechanical in IIT | JEE Mains | JOSAA 2019
WBJEE Counselling 2019 | Complete Process and step by step guide
Multiple Correct Choice Type:
Choose the correct choice in the following and justify (i) 30th term of the AP: 10,7,4,..., is (A) 97 (B) 77 (C) (D)
Find the remainder when is divided by .
Difference of last two digits of is
In an examination of 10 multiple choice question (1 or more can be correct out of 4 options). A student decides to mark the answer at random .Find the probability that he gets exactly questions correct.
Three are 180 multiple choice questions in a test. If a candidate gets 4 marks for every correct answer and for every unattempted or wrongly answered question one mark is deducted from the total score of correct answer correctly?
Choose the correct option. Justify your choice. (i) (a) 1 (b) 9 (c) 8 (d) 0
On a multiple choice examination with three possible answers (out of which only one is correct) for each of the five questions, what is the probability that a candidate would get four or more correct answers just by guessing?
CSAB Counselling | Complete Guide and step by step Process

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