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Question From class 12 Chapter RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS

Consider the ellipse . Let P,Q,R,S be four points on the ellipse such that the normal drawn from these points are con current at (2,2) then the centre of the conic on which these 4 points lie is (A) P,Q,R,S lie on the given ellipse (B) (C) (D)

Solution :

<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> differentiate with respect to x<br> y+1=0,y=-1<br> x+(-3)=0,x=3<br> (3,-1)<br> option b is correct.

Consider the ellipse . Let P,Q,R,S be four points on the ellipse such that the normal drawn from these points are con current at (2,2) then the centre of the conic on which these 4 points lie is
Let ABC be an equilateral triangle inscribed in the circle . Suppose pendiculars from A, B, C to the ellipse meets the ellipse respectivelily at P, Q, R so that P, Q , R lies on same side of major axis as A, B, C respectively. Prove that the normals to the ellipse drawn at the points P Q nad R are concurrent.
On which axis do the following points lie? (ii) (iii) (iv)
Let be two foci of the ellipse . If a circle described on as diameter intersects the ellipse at real and distinct points, then the eccentricity of the ellipse satisfies (b) (d) none of these
Let the eccentric angles of three points on the ellipse be an A circle through cuts the llipse again at S, then the eccentric angle of S is
Let P,Q,R be three points on a parabola, normals at which are concurrent, the centroid of must lie on
Which of the points P(0,3), Q(1,0), R(0,-1),S(-5,0) and T(1,2) do not lie on the X-axis ?
Given an ellipse with foci at S and S' and vertices at A and A'. A tangent is drawn at any point P on the ellipse at and let R, R', B, B' respectively be the feet of the perpendiculars drawn from S. S', A. A' on the tangent at P. Then the ratio of the areas of the quadrilaterals S'R'RS and A'B' BA
If normals are drawn to the ellipse from the point then the co-normal points lie on the curve
From any point on the line tangents are drawn to the auxiliary circle of the ellipse . If and are the points of contact and are the corresponding points of on he ellipse, respectively, then find the locus of the midpoint of
If the normal at meets the major axis of ellipse at , and and are the foci of the given ellipse, then find the ratio
Maximum area of the triangle formed by a moving point p on the ellipse and focii, and is . Point is an extremity of latus rectum. is the area formed by the points and . Given that latus rectum of the ellipse is and equation of the ellipse is then find the value of
Plot the following points on coordinate plane
Consider the points where then the equation of the plane PQR is (A) (B) (C) (D) none of these
Three points are selected at random from the cirumference of a circle. Find the probability p that the point lie on a semi-circle

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Ellipse Introduction

Equation of ellipse in its standard equation

Various result of Ellipse :- Vertices; major and minor axis ; focii directrix and center

Various results of ellipse when y-axis is major axis

Equation of an ellipse whose axes are parallel to co-ordinate axes and center is

Some important terms of ellipse :- Ordinate; Double ordinate ;latus rectum.

Position of a point with respect to ellipse

Ellipse with axis not parallel to coordinate axis

Relation between all the terms of ellipse and major- minor axis when axis is not parallel to co ordinate axes

Auxiliary circle and eccentric angle

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