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Question From class 11 Chapter STRAIGHT LINES

Consider a triangle ABC with sides AB and AC having the equations . Let the centroid, orthocentre and circumcentre of the respectively. denotes the equation of sides .

Let ABC be a triangle with equations of the sides respectively Then the orthocentre of the triangle lies on the line
The equations of the perpendicular bisectors of the sides of triangle are and , respectively. If the point is , then find the equation of the line
Consider a triangle ABC in xy-plane with D, E and F as the middle points of the sides, BC, CA and AB respectively. If the co-ordinates of the point D,E,F are then: <br> STATEMENT-1: Circumcentre of triangle ABC lies inside the triangle. <br> STATEMENT-2: Orthocentre, centroid, circumcentre and incentre of triangle DEF are collinear but of triangle ABC are not-collinear. <br> STATEMENT-3: Distance between centrioid and ortocente of
In triangle , the equation of the right bisectors of the sides and are and , respectively. If , then find the equation of side
Sides AB and BC and median AD of a triangle ABC are respectively proportional to sides PQ and QR and median PM of . Show that .
Consider the triangle ABC having vertex A(1,1) and its orthocentre is (2,4). Also side AB & BC are members of the family of line, where a,b,c are in A.P. <br> is a:
एक त्रिभुज ABC की भुजाओं AB,BC,CA के मध्य बिंदु क्रमशः D,E और F हैं। और के क्षेत्रफलों का अनुपात ज्ञात कीजिए।
If the Let ABC be a triangle having orthocentre and circumcentre at (9, 5) and (0, 0) respectively. equation of side BC is , then find the possible coordinates of vertex A .
A triangle ABC (with usual notations) is a right angled isosceles triangle right angled at B. Let a line isdrawn passing through the centroid 'G' of the triangle and parallel to BC intersecting sides at respectively, if length of , then the area of quadrilateral ADGF (where F is the midpoint of AC) is
The equations of the perpendicular bisectors of the sides of a triangle are . find the equation of the
The equations of sides , and of are respectively , and , then find : <br> length of perpendicular from to <br> .
The equation of two equal sides AB and AC of an isosceies triangle ABC are and respectively Find the equations of the side BC if the area of the triangle ofABC is 5 units
The equations of the sides and of the are and respectively. Find the equation of the perpendicular drawn from on the side
The incircle of an isosceles triangle , with , touches the sides , , at and respectively. Prove that bisects .
The equations of the sides of a triangle are The line passes through (A) Incentre (B) Centroid (C) Orthocentre (D) Circumcentre

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Theorem :-Every first degree equation in x,y represents a straight line.

Find the slope of a line when two points having coordinates are given ?

Find the slope of a line having equation of the form

Find the angles between two lines .

Examples :(i) Let A(6,4) and B(2,12) be two given points.Find the slope of the line perpendicular to AB. (ii) If line is parallel to the line then find the values of a.

Condition for the parallelism of two lines.

Condition for Perpendicularity of two lines .

What is the intercept of a line on x- axis and y-axis ?

Equation of line parallel to x and y axis

Slope-intercept form of a line