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Question From class 11 Chapter PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS

Circular permutation:Concept + Formula + clockwise /anticlockwise arrangements

PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS | CIRCULAR PERMUTATIONS, PRINCIPLE OF INCLUSION AND EXCLUSION, PERMUTATIONS UNDER RESTRICTIONS | Circular permutation:Concept + Formula + clockwise /anticlockwise arrangements , 5 Boys and 5 girls sit alternately around a round table. In how many ways can this be done ?, A person invites a group of 10 friends at dinner and sits (i) 5 on a round table and 5 on other round table (ii) 4 on one round table 6 on other round table . Find no. of ways in each case in which he can arrange the guest?, What are the principle of inclusion & exclusion ? ex:- Find the no. of positive integers from 1 to 1000 which are divisible bY atleast 2;3 and 5 ., When particular objects are never together (Gap method) (i) Find the no. of ways in which 5 girls and 5 boys can be arranged in a row if no two boys together
Number of ways in which all the letters of the words "ALASKA" can be arranged in a circle distinguishing between the clockwise and anticlockwise arrangement, is
Number of ways in which n things of which r alike & the rest different can be arranged in a circle distinguishing between clockwise and anticlockwise arrangement, is
A complex number z is rotated in anticlockwise direction by an angle and we get and if the same complex number z is rotated by an angle in clockwise direction and we get then
ABC is a triangle right angled at . The vertices of the triangles are in anticlockwise sense. BCEF is a square with vertices in clockwise sense.
From (1, 4) you travel units by making angle with positive x-axis (anticlockwise) and then 4 units by making angle with positive x-axis (clockwise) to reach Q. Find co-ordinates of point Q.
What part of a revolution have you turned through if you stand facing (a) east and turn clockwise to face north? (b) south and turn clockwise to face east? (c) west and turn clockwise to face east?
Which direction will you face if you start facing (a) east and make of a revolution clockwise? (b) east and make of a revolution clockwise? (c) west and make of a revolution anti-clockwise? (d) south and make one full revolution? (Should we specify clockwise or anti-clockwise for this last question? Why not?)
You are facing a circular wire carrying an electric current. The current is clockwise as seen by you. Is the field at the centre coming towards you or going away from you?
A horizontal circular loop carries a current that looks clockwise when viewed from above. It is replaced by an equivalent magnetic dipole consisting of a south pole and a north pole .
The north pole of a magnet is brought down along the axis of a horizontal circular coil . As a result, the flux through the coil changes from 0.35 weber to 0.85 weber in an interval of half a second. Find the average emf induced during this period. Is the induced current clockwise or anticlockwise as you look into the coil from the side of the magnet? <br> (##HCV_VOL2_C38_E01_049_Q01##)
Area of triangle (base-altitude formula & herons formula)
What is Section formula And internal / external division formula
Herons's formula
Section formula

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