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Question From class 12 Chapter THREE DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY

Bisector of the plane containing origin

Determine Bisector of angle containing origin and not containing origin .
Bisector of plane (acute/obtuse bisector)
The equation of the bisector of the angle between the lines which is the supplement of the angle containing the origin will be
The length of the perpendicular from the origin to the plane passing through the points and containing the line is
An equation of the plane passing through the origin and containing the lines whose direction cosinesare proportional to and is
Bisector of angle between and containing is
If the line divides the plane into two half planes, then the region containing the origin is represented by __________.
Find the equation of the perpendicular bisector of the line segment joining the origin and the point .
Find the equations of bi sectors of the angle between the lines 4x + 3y = 7 and 24x + 7y-31- 0. Also find which of them is la) the bisector of the angle contaäining origin (b) the bisector of the acute angle.
A closed cylindrica tube containing some water (not filling the entire tube) lies in a horizontal plane. If the tueb is rotated about a perpendicular bisector, the moment of inertia of water about the axis
Find th equation of the plane which is at distance of 8 units from origin and the perpendicular vector from origin to this plane is .
Find the equation of the plane if feet of Normal from origin on the plane is .
The external angle bisector of an angle of a triangle divides the opposite side externally in the ratio of the sides containing the angle.
A circle touches the bisector of the first and third quadrant at the origin and passes through the point . The equation of the circle is
Find the equation of the plane passing through the origin and parallel to the plane .

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FAQs on Three Dimensional Geometry

Coordinates of point in space; sign of coordinates of a point

Distance formula in 3D

Section formula (internal + external)

The x coordinates of a point on the line joining the points Q(2; 2; 1) and R(5; 1; -2) is 4. Find its z coordinate.

Direction cosine and ratio of line

Direction Ratio of line along the bisector of two given lines

Find the distance of the point P(a; b; c) from the x axis

Angle Between Two vectors in terms of direction cosine and direction ratio

Condition of parallel and perpendicular lines

Find the angle between the lines whose direction cosines are given by the equations and