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Bhasker can paint of a house in a day. If he continues working at this rate, how many days will he take to paint the whole house?

Rohan can paint of a painting in 6 days. How many days will he take to complete the painting?
8 पुरुष या 17 महिलाएँ किसी घर की 33 दिनों में रंग सकती है , तो 12 पुरुष तथा 24 महिलाएँ इस तरह के तीन घरो को कितने दिनों में रंगेगी यदि वे उसी कार्येष्मता से काम करे ?
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एक दिन में 7 घंटे कार्य करने पर 4 व्यक्ति किसी कार्य को 8 दिन में पूरा कर सकते है 8 घंटे प्रतिदिन कार्य करते हुए चार दिनों में इस कार्य का पूरा करने के लिए कितने व्यक्तियो की आवसकता होगी ?
A contractor calculated that he could finish the construction of a road in 40 working days. He knew appointed 32 people and made them work for 6 hours a day for 5 days in a week, the work would finish But he could arrange for only 20 workers. He decided to make them work for 8 hours a day for 6 days a week Will they complete the work in time? If not, how many more days will they take?
Working 5 hours aily Shaheed can embroider 3 sarees in 21 days How many days will it take him to embroider 6 sarees working 7 hours daily?
If 18 pumps can raise 2170 tonnes of water in 10 days working 7 hours a day; in how many days will 16pumps raise 1736 tonnes of water, working 9 hours a day? b. c. d.
एक 25 मी. लम्बे, 12 मी. चौड़े और 10 मी. ऊंचे कमरे की छत और दीवारों को पेंट किया जाता है। पेन्टर में पेन्ट कर सकता है पेन्टर 2 दिन में पेंट कर सकता है। यदि A और B मिलकर पेन्ट करें तो वे कितने दिन में काम पूरा कर लेगें?
Mr. Paul, whos is working for Asian paints, while constructing a house coated the building with white paint. After a few months his friend. Mr. Richard who is working in a chemical laboratory visited the house and noticed a few dark patches on the white paint here and there due to which the building lost its origincal lustre. He advised his friend to try for restoration of lustre by washing with hydrogen peroxide. Justify the role of hydrogen peroxide.
It takes 21 minutes for 5 people to paint 7 walls.How many minutes does it take 3 people to paint 5 walls?
If 30 men working 7 hours a day can make 12 tables in 18 days, how many days will 45 women working 9 hours a day take to make 32 chairs? Given, 4 men can make 3 tables in the same time as 3 women can make 4 chairs. a. 12 days b. 14 days C. 28 days d. 21 days
Ram used to save a part of his pocket money. He wishes to buy paint for a community center from his savings. He buys paint in a container which is sufficient to paint an area equal to . How many bricks of dimensions can be painted out of this container?
Karim can do of a work in 5 days. How many days will he take to complete the work?
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Working 8 hours a day, Ashu can a book in 18 days. How many hours a day should he work so as to finish the work in 12 days?

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