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Question From class 6 Chapter DEFAULT

Articles are bought at Rs 45 per dozen and sold at Rs 85 per score.Find gain or loss per cent

A man bought bananas at the rate of 10 for Rs 45 and sold at the rate of one dozen bananas for Rs 51 .Find his gain or loss per cent.
Tell what is the profit or loss in the following transactions. Also find profit per cent or loss per cent in each case. (a) Gardening shears bought for Rs 250 and sold for Rs 325. (b) A refrigerater bought for Rs 12,000 and sold at Rs 13,500. (c) A cupboard bought for Rs 2,500 and sold at Rs 3,000. (d) A skirt bought for Rs 250 and sold at Rs 150.
Rupesh bought dozen pencils at per dozen. He sold the pencils at 2 each .What was his profit or loss per cent?
Abraham bought a music system for Rs 6375 and spent Rs 75 on its transportation.He sold it for Rs 6400. Find his profit or loss per cent.
A dealer purchased 20 chairs at Rs 225 per chair. He sold 12 chairs at Rs 275 per chair and the remaining chairs at Rs 200 per chair. Find his gain per cent.
A shopkeeper buys candles at Rs 13 per dozen and an equal number at Rs 16 per score. He mixed them and sells at the rate of 5 for Rs 11.80. find his gain or loss percent
A man bought some oranges at Rs. 10 per dozen and bought the same number of oranges at Rs. 8 per dozen. He sold these oranges at Rs. 11 per dozen and gained Rs. 120. The total number of oranges bought by him was b. c. d.
100 oranges are bought at the rate of Rs. 350 and sold at the rate of Rs. 48 per dozen. Then there is
Naresh bought 4 dozen pencils at Rs 10.80 a dozen and sold them for 80 paise each. Find his gain or loss percent.
A woman bought 50 dozen eggs at Rs 6.40 a dozen. Out of these 20 eggs were found to be broken. She sold the remaining eggs at 55 paise per egg. Find her gain or loss percent.
A shopkeeper bought 20 kg of tea at 60 per kg. He sold 5 kg at 72 per kg, 8 kg at 70 per kg and rest at 55 per kg. Find his loss or profit per cent.
Sohan bought a second hand refrigerator for Rs 2,500, then spent Rs 500 on its repairs and sold it for Rs 3,300. Find his loss or gain per cent.
400 mangoes were purchased at Rs 125 per hundred and sold at a loss of Rs 100. Find the S.P.of one dozen mangoes.
A grocer bought sugar worth Rs. 4500. He sold one-third of it at a gain of 10%. At what gain per cent must the remaining sugar be sold to have a gain of 12% on the whole?
यदि खिलौनो रूपये 5 प्रति खिलौना की दर से खरीदने रूपये 4.50 प्रति खिलौने की दर से बेच दिये गए,तो प्रतिशत हानि ज्ञात करें।

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